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Online Payment of Donation, Zakat India, Charity, Sadaqah 
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Online Payment of Donation, Zakat India, Charity, Sadaqah


Audited accounts financial Statements 2013-2014 

September, 2014

Dear Friend,

Assalamu 'alaikum,

Thank you very much for your kind response and support to our mission to take care of some of the most disadvantaged sections of our community through extending relief where starvation deaths are taking place and offering education opportunities to children who otherwise would not enter a school. May Almighty accept your charity and shower his blessings on you and grant you health and prosperity.

The genesis of Charity Alliance in early 2005 was out of the necessity to do something urgently about the starvation deaths in the Jalangi area of Murshidabad, West Bengal. Since then our work in that particular area of Murshidabad continues without any break with the support of people like you, alhamdulillah.

With Allah's grace and help from brothers and sisters like you, we hope to get Alliance School Murshidabad Recognised as number of students have crossed 400. The authorities have given us a years time to build pucca classrooms and other facilities. Alliance School needs your attention.

The authorities have given us a years time to build pucca classrooms and other facilities. For this we need to raise Rs 35 lacs. Alliance School needs your attention. During 2012-13 we spent Rs 13,20,433 in Murshidabad Area.

Muzaffarnagar riots of September 2013: We have been Alhamdulillah been involved in relief work in Muzaffarnagar. Riot victims were provided with blankets, winter wear, shawls, caps, socks, slippers, sandals and shoes, hand pump, tools and equipment to skilled labourers, study course material students along. The land purchases for riot victims is slightly more than 5 bighas and insha Allah we will be able house 62 families comfortably in it. Construction of small homes has started Alhamdulillah. We will need another 20 Lakhs to complete this project as planned. Till now we have spent more than 27 Lakhs in relief activities for riot victims.

Last financial year Rs 5,10,000 was sent for Assam Violence Relief and this year we have been able to send Rs 50,000 for relief work in Uttarakhand Flood affected areas. And Rs 2,50,000 for two fire affected villages in West Bengal.

We hope your support would continue because our own community has to do a lot to take care of its disadvantaged sections who have a right to receive your zakat, sadaqat and general charity. For details of how to contribute please see here.

With warm regards,

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan
Chairman, Charity Alliance
Editor, The Milli Gazette

Charity Alliance audited account 2013-14 at a glance
(upto 31 March 2014) (All figures in Indian rupees)

Income & Expenditure Account for the year Ended 31-03-2014


 EXPENDITURE 31.03.2014  INCOME 31.03.2014
 To Food Aid             62,000  By Assam Relief 0.00
To Relief-Muzaffar nagar (does not include land purchase)           825,842  By Relief Muzaffar Nagar  4926494.00
Financial Aid- Delhi               5,500    
Medical Aid-Delhi               5,000    
 To Relief- Assam                     -    By Donation  3011865.00
 To Postage Exp                  719  By Zakat  0.00
 To Educational Aid             55,610  By Food Relief  0.00
 To Collection Charges-CC Avenue             46,125  By School Student Fee  685421.00
 To Bank Charges                  162  By Murshidabad - Relief  0.00
 To Annual CC Ave. Software Charges               4,045  By Interest On FDR  5425.00
 To Murshidabad Office Expenses    By Bank Interest  71143.00
Ration/Food Aid             96,200    
Relief           386,550    
Postage & Courier Exp                     -      
Cartage & Labour               1,300    
Refreshment Expense             32,000    
medical               3,659    
conveyance                  300    
Stationery & Printing               1,500    
Salary             85,800    
 To Murshidabad Vocational Training Centre      
Salary Exp.             42,000    
Trainees welfare&refreshment               8,580    
 To Murshidabad - Alliance School      
        Computer Repairing                     -      
Internet charges               3,425    
School Recognition fees                     -      
Annual sports exp               4,100    
Registration fees                     -      
Electricity               7,546    
Fire consultant charge                     -      
Advertisement                     -      
Conveyance               6,567    
Construction expenses             98,240    
Functions/ Events/Refreshments               7,250    
Labour Charges             32,956    
Misc. expenses               4,960    
Stationery/Printing & publishing             87,444    
Postage                   135    
Other Charge                     -      
Deprecation                     -      
Repair & maintenance             22,574    
Teachers/staff remuneration        1,011,600    
Short & Excess                     -      
        To Audit Fees               6,236    
To Excess of Income        5,744,423    
over Expenditure      
    8,700,348.00            8,700,348


Balance Sheet As on 31-March-2014

Liabilities   As on Assets As on
31.03.2014 31.03.2014
Corpus Fund                 5,000  Fixed Assets         2,704,630
 Accumulated Reserve        
Opening Balance        1,324,707   CURRENT ASSETS                     -  
Add: Carried forward   5,744,423.00        7,069,130    
     Loans & Advances   
       TDS                2,852
Sundry Creditors               (2,918)  C C Avenue                4,523
Expenses Payable      Security for School Recognition FDR              67,246
Audit Fee Payable                 5,618    
       Cash in Hand & Bank   
       Cash-in-Hand            591,894
       Bank Accounts   
       HDFC Bank Ltd-38         3,700,797
       ICICI Bank                4,888
           7,076,830          7,076,830




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