Charity Alliance is a registered trust and does relief and welfare work in India

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Online Payment of Donation, Zakat India, Charity, Sadaqah 
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Donor List

- Charity Donations
- Zakat
- Sadaqah
- Bank Interest
- Corpus Fund
- Educational Aid
- Food Relief
- Medical Aid
- Murshidabad Vocational Training Centre
- Alliance School (Murshidabad) Building Fund
- Assam Relief
- Uttarakhand Relief
- Kashmir Earthquake Relief
- Muzaffarnagar 2013 riots

Donations to Charity Alliance are eligible for tax deductions as per rules under Section 80G of the Indian Income-Tax Act

Current 80G Document of
Charity Alliance

The 80G certificate of Charity Alliance vide a circular it now will be deemed to have been extended in perpetuity unless specifically withdrawn.

Copy of 80G certificate and circular Circular No. 7/2010 [F.No.197/21/2010-ITA-I], Dated 27-10-2010



Online Payment of Donation, Zakat India, Charity, Sadaqah


Our Contributors 

Since July 2015 this list has not been updated. The reason is privacy concerns of our donors.


Please Note:

1. Names have been abbreviated to safeguard privacy.

2. If you are a donor and dont want your name to be listed here, email us with your donation details, and if you are going to make a payment, mention this in the "special instructions". We will then list only your initials here on this page.





Below are donations recd during financial year 2014-15

(date wise in ascending order)

22-May-15 M Arshad Rs 25,000
30-May-15 K Beg Rs 3000
01-Jun-15 ZFI Rs 30000
01-Jun-15 Shaista Rs 25000
08-Jun-15 Savio FM Rs 310
12-Jun-15 Ghalib Rs 20000
13-Jun-15 SB Rs 300
16-Jun-15 Hina Rs 500
16-Jun-15 HS Rs 1000
17-Jun-15 Jameer K Rs 10000
18-Jun-15 Serajul A Rs 10000
18-Jun-15 Jamaat H Rs 20000
20/06/2015 Omar A Rs 2000
21/06/2015 Homa Rs 5000
21/06/2015 HK Rs 4000
22/06/2015 M Sajeer Rs 10000
23/06/2015 Nayaz A Rs 1000
23/06/2015 Bushra S Rs 2000
27/06/2015 S Mansoor A Rs 2000
27/06/2015 SW Kirmani Rs 5000
28/06/2015 Faissal Rs 50,000
30/06/2015 Sarfaraz A Rs 1000
30/06/2015 AK Rs 50000
30/06/2015 MMR Rs 705
30/06/2015 MA Akhtar Rs 500
30/06/2015 MUbaid Rs 10000
30/06/2015 A Ahmad Rs 2000
30/06/2015 Saba Rs 500
30/06/2015 SK Rs 500
30/06/2015 SP Rs 1000       
[latest here]
30/06/2015 Arshad s Rs 10000
30/06/2015 Abdullah Rs 500
02/07/2015 ZH Usmani Rs 20,000.00
02/07/2015 Shaista Rs 25000
02/07/2015 R V Rs 20037
02/07/2015 Shahjahan Rs 50000
02/07/2015 Syed S Rs 5000
03/07/2015 Ahmed Rs 12412
03/07/2015 M Arshad Rs 60,000.00
05/07/2015 S Rs 500
05/07/2015 Safeeq Rs 500
06/07/2015 Adil Rs 500
06/07/2015 A Hakeem Rs 1000
06/07/2015 MN Siddiqui Rs 15000
06/07/2015 Imran A Rs 30000
06/07/2015 S SHAH Rs 40000
07/07/2015 M Aamir Rs 2000
07/07/2015 M Rafi Rs 5000
07/07/2015 M Sadiq Rs 5000



Below are donations recd during financial year 2014-15

(date wise in ascending order)

1-Apr-14 Omar A Rs 5000  
1-Apr-14 Mustafa S Rs 3497
2-Apr-14 T Khan Rs 6000
2-Apr-14 Shakil A Rs 5000
3-Apr-14 M Sirajuddin Rs 5000
4-Apr-14 MMMR Rs 1219
5-Apr-14 BSHH SHIBILI Rs 10000
5-Apr-14 MMMR Rs 1000
6-Apr-14 Hisham I Rs 500
8-Apr-14 Hina S Rs 2000
8-Apr-14 Asif R Rs 2500
9-Apr-14 Ashwin K Rs 500
11-Apr-14 Mirza HB Rs 2500
11-Apr-14 M Suhail Rs 100
16-Apr-14 Roomy S Rs 500
16-Apr-14 Zafar J Rs 1000
16-Apr-14 Uzair SK Rs 4424
17-Apr-14 NNK Rs 500
17-Apr-14 ZA Mansoorie Rs 3000
18-Apr-14 Tameezuddin M Rs 124
19-Apr-14 Kashmir Book House Rs 5000
23-Apr-14 Tameezuddin M Rs 35
27-Apr-14 Salahuddin A Rs 1000
30-Apr-14 A Abdul R Rs 1000
1-May-14 Maseeha Rs 33033
2-May-14 Ashwin K Rs 500
3-May-14 Amjad K Rs 40000
3-May-14 Yusuf J Rs 7750
5-May-14 SAA Rs 100000
5-May-14 Farzana A Rs 500
6-May-14 Amjad K Rs 5000
7-May-14 M Arshad K Rs 8000
8-May-14 S Wasim K Rs 1000
8-May-14 KA Aleem Rs 7000
13-May-14 MA Mugal Rs 1000
16-May-14 SA Ansari Rs 1,002
17-May-14 M Shahab Rs 500
17-May-14 Adil K Rs 25000
20-May-14 MOHSIN A Rs 2000
21-May-14 ACH Rahman Rs 1000
21-May-14 Meer Rs 20000
21-May-14 MN Rs 2000
21-May-14 MS Taher Rs 500
26-May-14 Fahad R Rs 7000
29-May-14 Nasirudeen Rs 2000
1-Jun-14 Roomy Rs 500
2-Jun-14 Meer N Rs 3000
3-Jun-14 B Jayasri R Rs 100
7-Jun-14 Naushad K Rs 1000
11-Jun-14 Shaheen Rs 100
11-Jun-14 Faizal Rs 5,000 
12-Jun-14 F Azmi Rs 15000
14-Jun-14 Yousaf Rs 4000
16-Jun-14 Adil Rs 2000
18-Jun-14 Rubina M Rs 100000
18-Jun-14 Abdulla Rs 500
19-Jun-14 Musadhiq Rs 3542
20-Jun-14 Shereefa AR Rs 200
20-Jun-14 IMCB Rs 2000
23-Jun-14 A Fatha Rs 3500
24-Jun-14 R Vidya Rs 33000
25-Jun-14 Abdul R Shaikh Rs 10,000
27-Jun-14 S Zaid Rs 3,000
1-Jul-14 Shaheen Z Rs 239
2-Jul-14 MNasirudeen Rs 1000
3-Jul-14 NAJEEB UD Rs 5200
3-Jul-14 Hisham I Rs 3000
4-Jul-14 Shakeel A Rs 10000
4-Jul-14 M Nahid S Rs 10000
5-Jul-14 Abdul GK Rs 3000
5-Jul-14 Mahmood H Rs 3000
5-Jul-14 Faissal K Rs 50,000
6-Jul-14 Bushra S Rs 5000
7-Jul-14 A Kumar Rs 500
7-Jul-14 MMMR Rs 830
7-Jul-14 Ahmed Rs 1000
8-Jul-14 Ismail YM Rs 50000
8-Jul-14 SW Kirmani Rs 3000
9-Jul-14 SSKhan Rs 25000
10-Jul-14 SM Alam Rs 5000
10-Jul-14 R Salkar Rs 500
10-Jul-14 MS Arshad Rs 6500
10-Jul-14 Mr Rasheed Rs 2000
11-Jul-14 A Razack PK Rs 20000
12-Jul-14 A Shaikh Rs 5000
14-Jul-14 Z Khan Rs 1000
14-Jul-14 Zeauddin Rs 500
14-Jul-14 Zafar SJ Rs 10000
15-Jul-14 M Azad K Rs 1500
15-Jul-14 M Asfaqh Rs 2000
16-Jul-14 Najeeb UD Rs 5130
16-Jul-14 AR Shah Rs 16000
17-Jul-14 AS Muttalib Rs 100
17-Jul-14 KA Aleem Rs 30,000
17-Jul-14 SK Ahmed Rs 10000
17-Jul-14 S Shah Rs 10000
17-Jul-14 Rezaul H Rs 2000
18-Jul-14 Mayur MK Rs 40000
19-Jul-14 Mubeen A Rs 1000
19-Jul-14 Naved A Rs 20600
19-Jul-14 Zeeshan k Rs 8000
20-Jul-14 Wajihullah H Rs 1000
21-Jul-14 MMMR Rs 1400
21-Jul-14 Nazir AK Rs 15000
21-Jul-14 A SUFIAN M Rs 7900
21-Jul-14 Roomy S Rs 12500
22-Jul-14 Sarah A Rs 5000
22-Jul-14 Aisha AS Rs 21000
22-Jul-14 MS Bande Rs 11000
22-Jul-14 M Tameezuddin Rs 1800
23-Jul-14 M Aquil Rs 3000
23-Jul-14 Dilnawaz K Rs 1000
24-Jul-14 MAdil Rs 5000
24-Jul-14 M Azad K Rs 1070
24-Jul-14 S Shahaab A Rs 10000
25-Jul-14 Shahnawaj S Rs 40000
25-Jul-14 M Rashid Rs 10000
25-Jul-14 A Wahid Rs 500
25-Jul-14 Aateka K Rs 3000
26-Jul-14 Sumaya KM Rs 20000
26-Jul-14 Dinesh Rs 500
26-Jul-14 Mohsin A Rs 7000
27-Jul-14 MHS Rs 1000
27-Jul-14 Shaikh Rs 10000
27-Jul-14 Sagir A Rs 500
28-Jul-14 M TAMIZUDDIN A Rs 5000
28-Jul-14 S SHAHAAB Rs 5000
28-Jul-14 SS Rs 4500
28-Jul-14 AMAN A Rs 285
28-Jul-14 Tameezuddin Rs 505
28-Jul-14 RA Naik Rs 5000
28-Jul-14 Hamzah K Rs 80226
28-Jul-14 Hina S Rs 2000
28-Jul-14 S Mutaharuddin Rs 10,000
28-Jul-14 Asna F Rs 6000
29-Jul-14 Roomy S Rs 500
29-Jul-14 T Mohammed Rs 400
29-Jul-14 VISHUPAL K Rs 6000
29-Jul-14 M ATIF Rs 5000
29-Jul-14 Maseeha Rs 6000
31-Jul-14 MS Ahmed Rs 4000
1-Aug-14 Roomy S Rs 200
1-Aug-14 Atif N Rs 5000
4-Aug-14 Sameer AM Rs 5500
4-Aug-14 Aquil M Rs 10000
4-Aug-14 Zeeshan AH Rs 700
7-Aug-14 M Iqbal Rs 8000
13-Aug-14 Zahid A Rs 125000
13-Aug-14 Hisham I Rs 1000
17-Aug-14 Zulfikar S Rs 2000
17-Aug-14 Asraful I Rs 1500
23-Aug-14 Ashwin K Rs 500 
25-Aug-14 Zeeshan AH Rs 750
27-Aug-14 Aateka K Rs 50000
27-Aug-14 Soeba K Rs 100
27-Aug-14 Uzair K Rs 300
28-Aug-14 Sultan P Rs 6000
31-Aug-14 Bilal K Rs 10000
03-Sep-14 Sameen J Rs 200
13-Sep-14 Roomy Rs 500
14-Sep-14 Mohsin A Rs 2000
15-Sep-14 Farid A Rs 10000
16-Sep-14 M A RAQUIB Rs 10000
17-Sep-14 Ashmath KBM Rs 5000
17-Sep-14 Akbar Rs 1500
18-Sep-14 M Qaisar F Rs 10000
19-Sep-14 Asim A Rs 2000
20-Sep-14 Isteyaque Z Rs 7650
21-Sep-14 M Firoz Rs 2550
21-Sep-14 MA Qayyum Rs 5100
22-Sep-14 Adil QRK Rs 50000
22-Sep-14 A Khan Rs 4000
22-Sep-14 MA Kalam Rs 1000
22-Sep-14 Raisa IG Rs 5000
23-Sep-14 MMMR Rs 2550
23-Sep-14 M Adil Rs 5100
23-Sep-14 MMMR Rs 825
23-Sep-14 MMMR Rs 1325
24-Sep-14 Asim A Rs 500
24-Sep-14 Sheikh MA Rs 200
24-Sep-14 ZH Usmani Rs 20000
24-Sep-14 Waseem A Rs 5000
24-Sep-14 Shozib A Rs 6000
24-Sep-14 MQ Siddiqui Rs 12500
24-Sep-14 Kabir UJ Rs 6723
24-Sep-14 A Azim I Rs 35000
24-Sep-14 Kabir Rs 1000
24-Sep-14 A Usman K Rs 50000
24-Sep-14 S Shahabuddin Rs 5000
24-Sep-14 MMZakir H Rs 3000
24-Sep-14 Saiyid H Rs 3000
24-Sep-14 Heshsham AB Rs 100000
24-Sep-14 Shabbir H Rs 20000
24-Sep-14 Aman UK Rs 25000
24-Sep-14 Anwar A Rs 10000
24-Sep-14 MA Hafeez S Rs 10000
24-Sep-14 IMCB Rs 2000
25-Sep-14 Safia A Rs 78000
25-Sep-14 M Bahauddin Rs 1000
25-Sep-14 Sadikbhai HS Rs 5000
25-Sep-14 Nayyar IK Rs 55000
25-Sep-14 M.A. Khan Rs 500
26-Sep-14 S Fathima Rs 17850
26-Sep-14 MF Shaikh Rs 500
26-Sep-14 Zeeshan Rs 750
27-Sep-14 Khan R Rs 1000
27-Sep-14 MC Rs 2550
27-Sep-14 M Faraj S Rs 500
27-Sep-14 Zakir Rs 2550
27-Sep-14 Zakir Rs 2550
28-Sep-14 Moh A Rs 2000
29-Sep-14 Jalaludeen Rs 13000
29-Sep-14 Zubair K Rs 2550
29-Sep-14 Tabinda I Rs 2550
29-Sep-14 Asif Rs 1000
29-Sep-14 M K Shaji Rs 5100
29-Sep-14 Sajin VM Rs 2550
29-Sep-14 Muzammil A Rs 2550
30-Sep-14 RV Rs 2550
30-Sep-14 Saman A Rs 25000
30-Sep-14 MS. Sindhi Rs 5000
30-Sep-14 Rizwana Rs 1000
30-Sep-14 M Enamuddin k Rs 1000
30-Sep-14 Behzad A Rs 2550
30-Sep-14 M Tarique Rs 1000
30-Sep-14 MS Walajahi Rs 10200
30-Sep-14 M Salim Rs 5000
01-Oct-14 Tahir H Rs 35000
01-Oct-14 Musheer A Rs 2550
02-Oct-14 Sadiq KM Rs 10000
02-Oct-14 Wajid G Rs 2550
02-Oct-14 Omar Rs 5100
02-Oct-14 O Akhtar Rs 2000
02-Oct-14 Naved A Rs 15000
02-Oct-14 Maaz A Rs 10200
02-Oct-14 R Asad A Rs 5000
02-Oct-14 Nazia Tarannum Rs 7650
03-Oct-14 Reneeb EA Rs 17850
03-Oct-14 Miftah Rs 2550
03-Oct-14 MAB Rs 2550
03-Oct-14 S Meejar A Rs 2550
03-Oct-14 MC Rs 2550
03-Oct-14 Suhail A Rs 2550
03-Oct-14 SN Rs 2550
03-Oct-14 Ibrahim Rs 5100
03-Oct-14 Asim A Rs 5000
03-Oct-14 Shahid P Rs 7650
04-Oct-14 S Mojumder Rs 20000
04-Oct-14 Zarine K Rs 15000
04-Oct-14 Sajjed S Rs 2550
04-Oct-14 IBB Rs 2550
04-Oct-14 Feroz VK Rs 2550
04-Oct-14 Jalaluddin S Rs 5100
04-Oct-14 Heena K Rs 2550
04-Oct-14 Jamshed A Rs 2550
05-Oct-14 R Salkar Rs 2550
05-Oct-14 AM Rs 5000
05-Oct-14 MA Nasar Rs 2550
05-Oct-14 Waseem K Rs 5100

05-Oct-14 S Shahid Rs 5100
05-Oct-14 Azmat K Rs 2550
05-Oct-14 Akif A Rs 5100
06-Oct-14 M. Bilal K Rs 2550
06-Oct-14 Kambuly MA Rs 13000
07-Oct-14 Almas K Rs 7650
09-Oct-14 Saman Rs 20000
09-Oct-14 Safia Rs 20000
09-Oct-14 Imtiyaz AK Rs 12000
09-Oct-14 SA Rs 5100
10-Oct-14 M Suhail Rs 10000
10-Oct-14 M Hussain Rs 5000
10-Oct-14 MF Shaikh Rs 500
11-Oct-14 Suleman Rs 1700
11-Oct-14 M Danish Rs 2000
12-Oct-14 Yoosuf M Rs 9000
14-Oct-14 Asim A Rs 5000
15-Oct-14 M Nasirudeen Rs 5000
16-Oct-14 FR Rs 20100
16-Oct-14 MA Akhtar Rs 2000
16-Oct-14 Ahmed Rs 500

19-Oct-14 Zakir SA Rs 3000
20-Oct-14 Fahad Rs 10000
20-Oct-14 Firoz K Rs 10000
20-Oct-14 NAJMUL HK Rs 1500
21-Oct-14 Zeeshan AH Rs 750
22-Oct-14 Aquil N Rs 10000
22-Oct-14 Abdul Wahid K Rs 1000
25-Oct-14 Faissal K Rs 50,000
27-Oct-14 Ahmad AJ Rs 19500
27-Oct-14 JUT Rs 500000
28-Oct-14 ANON Rs 25000
29-Oct-14 Maryam A Rs 8000
01-Nov-14 M Sheriff Rs 10000
03-Nov-14 MF Ahamed Rs 10000
05-Nov-14 Fahad R Rs 6500
05-Nov-14 M Shahab Rs 3000
05-Nov-14 Uzair K Rs 1500
06-Nov-14 Maryam Rs 7000
06-Nov-14 MR Ali Rs 5000
12-Nov-14 Mujtaba Rs 1000
13-Nov-14 E Iqbal Rs 10000
14-Nov-14 Hina S Rs 1000
21-Nov-14 Sabiha Rs 10000
28-Nov-14 Zeeshan Rs 2000
30-Nov-14 Shaista Rs 50
01-Dec-14 Khadar Rs 5000
02-Dec-14 Asma Rs 5000
02-Dec-14 Navman Rs 5000
03-Dec-14 Shaheen Rs 200
03-Dec-14 Hisham Rs 1500
03-Dec-14 Ahsan Rs 500
04-Dec-14 Naushad Rs 20000
04-Dec-14 S Bano Rs 40000
05-Dec-14 Adil Rs 100,000
05-Dec-14 Mohsin Rs 5000
05-Dec-14 Almas Rs 2000
07-Dec-14 Firoz Rs 4000
08-Dec-14 Sameen Rs 500
13-Dec-14 MM Zakir Rs 10000
16-Dec-14 ACHR Rs 2642
17-Dec-14 Nazia Rs 1400
21-Dec-14 Asim Rs 2000
21-Dec-14 Uzair Rs 1500
23-Dec-14 Faraj Rs 500
25-Dec-14 Ahmed Rs 5000
27-Dec-14 Muhsin MMR Rs 865
29-Dec-14 Hisham B Rs 980
31-Dec-14 SS Parvez Rs 5000
01-Jan-15 Abdul Wahid Rs 1000
03-Jan-15 AMU Staff Rs 970,274
04-Jan-15 Inzemamul H Rs 200
04-Jan-15 Pervez I Rs 1000
05-Jan-15 Aateka K Rs 10000
06-Jan-15 Asim A Rs 2000
08-Jan-15 AR Shaikh Rs 5000
11-Jan-15 SB Umar Rs 36200
12-Jan-15 Naseem Rs 15,300
13-Jan-15 Muhsin MMR Rs 1020
13-Jan-15 Almas H Rs 1138
14-Jan-15 S Zafar Rs 100
16-Jan-15 Adil Rs 4000
17-Jan-15 Fahad R Rs 26,722
17-Jan-15 Adil Rs 3000
18-Jan-15 Hisham Imad Rs 3000
20-Jan-15 M Moinul H Rs 10000
21-Jan-15 Asim A Rs 2000
23-Jan-15 Qamar A Rs 49000
30-Jan-15 Shaheen S Rs 1500
30-Jan-15 Mohamed M Rs 1300
01-Feb-15 Salahuddin A Rs 100
02-Feb-15 Mohsin A Rs 5,000
02-Feb-15 MMM R Rs 925
02-Feb-15 Roomy Rs 500
07-Feb-15 Adil Rs 2500
10-Feb-15 Sahil K Rs 1700
11-Feb-15 Yoosuf M Rs 50000
12-Feb-15 Ameer M Rs 2,000
13-Feb-15 Mohd Ali M Rs 1000
13-Feb-15 Shahnawaz A Rs 5000
16-Feb-15 Hisham I Rs 1000
16-Feb-15 Roomy Rs 500
18-Feb-15 Afif A Rs 770
19-Feb-15 Ghulamus S Rs 1000
21-Feb-15 MA Ali Rs 10000

21-Feb-15 R V Rs 19071
22-Feb-15 Salahuddin A Rs 250
25-Feb-15 S Hamideen Rs 1000
27-Feb-15 M Akram A Rs 5000
28-Feb-15 S Shah Rs 40,000
28-Feb-15 Asif I Rs 500
02-Mar-15 Nawaid Rs 151
07-Mar-15 HA Basit Rs 30000
09-Mar-15 Imran A Rs 20,000
11-Mar-15 Hisham I Rs 1500
14-Mar-15 MMMR Rs 1048
16-Mar-15 NH Zuberi Rs 10000
17-Mar-15 MM Rs 1000
17-Mar-15 M Sirajuddin Rs 5000
18-Mar-15 MMK Rs 70000
18-Mar-15 AR Shah Rs 16784
19-Mar-15 MR Rs 1000
19-Mar-15 Tameezuddin M Rs 150
19-Mar-15 Roomy Rs 500
21-Mar-15 ZHU Rs 150000
27-Mar-15 MFS Rs 250
30-Mar-15 HDI Rs 15000
31-Mar-15 A Hasan Rs 20000



Below are donations recd during financial year 2013-14

(date wise in ascending order)

2-Apr-13 Ameer M Rs 100
3-Apr-13 Mahmood H Rs 2562
3-Apr-13 Mehboob Rs 500
5-Apr-13 Muhsin MR Rs 325
8-Apr-13 MN Lateef Rs 1000
8-Apr-13 Q Quamar Rs 5000
8-Apr-13 N Khan Rs 1000
9-Apr-13 A Noori Rs 1000
9-Apr-13 A Roub S Rs 16000
9-Apr-13 S Ali Rs 5000
10-Apr-13 MQ Farooq Rs 5000
10-Apr-13 Imthiyas A Rs 5000
10-Apr-13 Wasique H Rs 10000
10-Apr-13 Indian Muslim Educational & Social Welfare Trust, Patna Rs 25000
10-Apr-13 Muneeb MMFA Rs 2800
10-Apr-13 Omar A Rs 2000
11-Apr-13 Shad S Rs 10000
12-Apr-13 M Firoze Rs 25000
13-Apr-13 Agha SM Rs 15000
13-Apr-13 Rafe H Rs 500
14-Apr-13 Maroof AK Rs 2000
15-Apr-13 MA Haque Rs 2500
15-Apr-13 AC Haleel R Rs 500
15-Apr-13 Aman UK Rs 10000
15-Apr-13 Saad A Rs 5000
16-Apr-13 Safia A Rs 25000
17-Apr-13 Afsana R Rs 5000
20-Apr-13 Najmul HK Rs 1000
22-Apr-13 Zahid A Rs 50000
22-Apr-13 Saman Rs 5000
22-Apr-13 Sabiha Rs 10000
23-Apr-13 Reyaz AS Rs 10000
24-Apr-13 Arif MK Rs 3000
29-Apr-13 Shane R Rs 1000
30-Apr-13 AGK Rs 10000
1-May-13 Shaista B Rs 12000
1-May-13 Ameer M Rs 100
1-May-13 AKB Rs 3760
1-May-13 Ibrahim M Rs 500
2-May-13 Saima K Rs 2000
2-May-13 Muhsin MMR Rs 1000
2-May-13 Roomy S Rs 800
2-May-13 M Azizullah A Rs 20000
3-May-13 Mehboob Rs 500
4-May-13 Nusrat Rs 1000
5-May-13 Rashid Rs 5000
7-May-13 Harun Rs 5000
11-May-13 M A Mugal Rs 500
17-May-13 M A Munim K Rs 500
18-May-13 Suhel AS Rs 5000
24-May-13 A Maroof K Rs 100
24-May-13 Sirajuddin Rs 5000
24-May-13 S Siraj Rs 5000
27-May-13 Saliha B Rs 763
28-May-13 Haleel R Rs 500
30-May-13 M Tariq Rs 500
1-Jun-13 Ameer M Rs 100
3-Jun-13 Mehboob K Rs 500
4-Jun-13 Sultan AP Rs 100
10-Jun-13 Saliha B Rs 473
11-Jun-13 M Qayyum S Rs 10000
17-Jun-13 Q S Afsar Z Rs 10000
17-Jun-13 A A Khazi Rs 30000
23-Jun-13 Wahid I Rs 5000
24-Jun-13 Saliha B Rs 285
24-Jun-13 M Obaid A Rs 4000
25-Jun-13 A Arshad Rs 1000
2-Jul-13 A Mohideen Rs 100
2-Jul-13 Mehboob K Rs 500
8-Jul-13 A G Khan Rs 3000
8-Jul-13 Saliha B Rs 69
9-Jul-13 A M Obaid Rs 1000
9-Jul-13 Umar F Rs 49
13-Jul-13 Riyaz A M Rs 37500
13-Jul-13 M Nahid S Rs 15500
14-Jul-13 Jayasri R Rs 500
14-Jul-13 Abdul R S Rs 18000
14-Jul-13 Serajul A Rs 22660
14-Jul-13 Mahmood H Rs 10000
16-Jul-13 Hina S Rs 500
17-Jul-13 M.H. Syed Rs 6000
17-Jul-13 Goodword Books Rs 11000
20-Jul-13 M. Bahauddin Rs 1000    
21-Jul-13 Jawaid A Rs 500
21-Jul-13 M. Rashid Rs 5000
21-Jul-13 Saima K Rs 3000
23-Jul-13 M Tamizuddin A Rs 5000
23-Jul-13 Wajihullah H Rs 7000
23-Jul-13 Uzair K Rs 10000
23-Jul-13 MMK Rs 40000
24-Jul-13 Azhar K Rs 5000 
25-Jul-13 Abdullah K Rs 10000
25-Jul-13 Muhsin MMR Rs 395
26-Jul-13 Rizwana Rs 121000
26-Jul-13 Hisham Rs 1000
28-Jul-13 MMK Rs 40000
29-Jul-13 Naseem A Rs 10000
29-Jul-13 Mustafa S Rs 1666
29-Jul-13 S Gazala P Rs 10000
30-Jul-13 S Shahabuddin Rs 2000
30-Jul-13 A Razack P.K Rs 5000
31-Jul-13 Ahzam A Rs 5000
1-Aug-13 Niyas A Rs 1075
1-Aug-13 Niyas A Rs 8797
1-Aug-13 Ziaul HU Rs 20000
1-Aug-13 Ameer M Rs 100
1-Aug-13 Shamsul Islam Rs 20000
2-Aug-13 Nilofer H Rs 1000
3-Aug-13 Nayyar IK Rs 25000
3-Aug-13 Zeeshan K Rs 4000
4-Aug-13 Hayat Sajjad A Rs 5000
4-Aug-13 Najeeb Rs 10280
5-Aug-13 S M Tariq Rs 30000
5-Aug-13 M Ziauddin Rs 10000
5-Aug-13 Toufique M Rs 2000
5-Aug-13 Maseeha Rs 5000
6-Aug-13 Hina S Rs 1000
6-Aug-13 Nasir P Rs 1000
6-Aug-13 Zakir S A Rs 2500
6-Aug-13 Nazir A K Rs 3000
6-Aug-13 A M A Rasheed Rs 5000  
7-Aug-13 Hasibur R Rs 20000
8-Aug-13 B Shahul Hameed S Rs 10000
8-Aug-13 M Dastageer K Rs 1000
8-Aug-13 Saman A Rs 5000
8-Aug-13 Safia A Rs 5000
8-Aug-13 H M A Mughal Rs 500
8-Aug-13 HH Dharamsi Rs 1000
8-Aug-13 M Iqbal A K Rs 20000
9-Aug-13 Roomy S Rs 7000 
10-Aug-13 M A Hakeem Rs 5000
14-Aug-13 M Tariq Rs 500
16-Aug-13 Ahzam A Rs 1000
16-Aug-13 Uzair SK Rs 1000
17-Aug-13 Safia HR Rs 9500
19-Aug-13 Muhsin Rs 40
20-Aug-13 M Muhammed MR Rs 50
21-Aug-13 Salahuddin A Rs 300
21-Aug-13 Aman U K Rs 20000
22-Aug-13 Saliha B Rs 1071
23-Aug-13 Shakil A K Rs 5000
24-Aug-13 K.A. Hameed Rs 2000
24-Aug-13 Zahid A Rs 50000
26-Aug-13 Shakil A Rs 3000
30-Aug-13 M Adnan Rs 5000
30-Aug-13 Asraful I Rs 1200  
31-Aug-13 Saliha B Rs 1985
2-Sep-13 Ameer M Rs 100
5-Sep-13 M Iqbal Rs 10000
12-Sep-13 M Shaad S Rs 10000
12-Sep-13 M Adnan Rs 5000
12-Sep-13 M Khalil Rs 1000
12-Sep-13 Aslam H Rs 1000
12-Sep-13 Roomy Rs 500
12-Sep-13 M Rikhath A B Rs 1000
12-Sep-13 M Firoze A Rs 10000
13-Sep-13 Salahuddin A Rs 1000
13-Sep-13 Salman S A Rs 500
13-Sep-13 Fahmeed B Rs 10000
13-Sep-13 Zuhayr Rs 10000
13-Sep-13 Shahwar H Rs 1000
13-Sep-13 M Qaisar F Rs 10000
13-Sep-13 Ahsan A Rs 10000
13-Sep-13 Javed A A Rs 2000
13-Sep-13 Zahid P Rs 10000
13-Sep-13 Osman A & Irfan A Rs 10000
13-Sep-13 Najmul H K Rs 3000
13-Sep-13 Bari S Rs 1000
13-Sep-13 Ajmal A Rs 5000
13-Sep-13 Toufique S M Rs 1000
13-Sep-13 Fariha A Rs 2000
13-Sep-13 M Ayub Rs 1000
13-Sep-13 M Suhail Rs 1266
13-Sep-13 Moinul HS Rs 10000 
14-Sep-13 S A Jeelani Rs 1000
14-Sep-13 M Ahmad Rs 5000
14-Sep-13 Saliha B Rs 339
14-Sep-13 Afroza A M Rs 500
14-Sep-13 Sk Azimuddin Rs 1000
14-Sep-13 Sadik S. M Rs 3000
14-Sep-13 Afzal N K Rs 1000
14-Sep-13 Meer S A Rs 10000
14-Sep-13 Fayaz H Rs 3000
14-Sep-13 Parvez K Rs 500
14-Sep-13 Ashfaque N Rs 500
15-Sep-13 Zubair F R Rs 5000
15-Sep-13 Asghar A Rs 5000
15-Sep-13 Naushad K Rs 1000
15-Sep-13 M Rafiq Rs 1000
15-Sep-13 Afzal N K Rs 2000
15-Sep-13 Sarfaraz F Rs 500
15-Sep-13 Salim Rs 1000
15-Sep-13 Najeebuddin Rs 1000
15-Sep-13 MA Quddus Rs 5000
15-Sep-13 Riyas V Rs 10000
15-Sep-13 Aamir S Rs 10000
15-Sep-13 Moin S Rs 2000
15-Sep-13 S Shums P Rs 1000
15-Sep-13 M Amanullah Rs 1000
15-Sep-13 M Zeyauddin Rs 1000
15-Sep-13 Aamena K Rs 10000
16-Sep-13 Haji Anwar Rs 13660
16-Sep-13 Asif Rs 5000
16-Sep-13 Intezar A Rs 500
16-Sep-13 Dr. Shakeel A Rs 10000
16-Sep-13 Wiquar A Rs 500
16-Sep-13 Arshad J Rs 20000
16-Sep-13 Sameena K Rs 2000
16-Sep-13 Ameer M Rs 450
16-Sep-13 M M Rafiuddin Rs 5000
17-Sep-13 M Dastageer Rs 1000
17-Sep-13 M Iqbal TV Rs 3000
17-Sep-13 S M Ashraf Rs 5000
17-Sep-13 Rafique A A J Rs 5000
17-Sep-13 Ashfaq A A P Rs 25000
18-Sep-13 S M Faraz Rs 300
18-Sep-13 M Yasin Rs 2500
18-Sep-13 Peace Foundation Rs 5000
18-Sep-13 Mansoor Rs 2000 
18-Sep-13 Hina S Rs 1000
18-Sep-13 Maroof A K Rs 5000
18-Sep-13 Ahtesham A Rs 1000
19-Sep-13 Mujtaba Q Rs 500
19-Sep-13 S Muqeemuddin Rs 1000
19-Sep-13 Dirham H Rs 5000
19-Sep-13 M Tariq Rs 1000
19-Sep-13 A Khan Rs 40000
19-Sep-13 Irfan M S Rs 5000
19-Sep-13 M. A. Haque Rs 5000
19-Sep-13 Iqbal A F Rs 7000
20-Sep-13 Aboobackar Rs 1000
20-Sep-13 Adil W Rs 6077
20-Sep-13 Afroz J Rs 10000
21-Sep-13 AM Rs 1000
21-Sep-13 Tausif M Rs 10000
21-Sep-13 Asif I M S Rs 4274
21-Sep-13 Zubaida Rs 10000
22-Sep-13 M Khalid Rs 500
22-Sep-13 Shakeel A K Rs 1000
22-Sep-13 Mohsin A Rs 1000
23-Sep-13 Dr Mansoor A Rs 12000
23-Sep-13 Dr M Rehan B Rs 13000
23-Sep-13 M Anwar S Rs 20000
23-Sep-13 S Yasir M Rs 1200
23-Sep-13 Safia A Rs 20000
23-Sep-13 Saman A Rs 5000
23-Sep-13 Zafarul I I Rs 10000
23-Sep-13 Masood B S Rs 20000
23-Sep-13 M Fiazuddin Rs 500
23-Sep-13 M Zafarullah H Rs 7000
23-Sep-13 Juned A Rs 2000
23-Sep-13 M Zubair A Rs 500
23-Sep-13 Rafique S M Rs 1000
24-Sep-13 Zafar A Rs 19000
24-Sep-13 Rahat A Rs 5000
24-Sep-13 A C Haleel R Rs 2000
24-Sep-13 S Ziaullah S Rs 3400
24-Sep-13 Suhel A S Rs 1000
24-Sep-13 M Osama Rs 2000
24-Sep-13 Shad S Rs 10000
25-Sep-13 Aftab M K Rs 25000 
25-Sep-13 M Naim Rs 7000
25-Sep-13 K M Mulla Rs 2000
25-Sep-13 M. Q. Siddiqui Rs 10000
25-Sep-13 Jamal N Rs 1000
26-Sep-13 G Chishti Rs 1000
26-Sep-13 Firoz M Rs 10000
26-Sep-13 Irfan S P Rs 8800
27-Sep-13 Sumaya KM Rs 10000
27-Sep-13 Adil W Rs 24410
28-Sep-13 Shamim S Rs 12000
28-Sep-13 Hakeem B Rs 18000
30-Sep-13 M Affan B Rs 6500
30-Sep-13 B Jayasri R Rs 100
30-Sep-13 Navid K Rs 5000
30-Sep-13 Imtiyaz M Rs 55
30-Sep-13 Rizwana B Rs 20200
1-Oct-13 AM Rs 49000 
1-Oct-13 M Faisal Rs 4500
1-Oct-13 A G Khan Rs 10000
2-Oct-13 Sameera F Rs 1000
2-Oct-13 Imtiyaz M Rs 3100
2-Oct-13 Muzammil A Rs 2200
3-Oct-13 M Firoze A Rs 25000
3-Oct-13 Afzal N K Rs 3000
3-Oct-13 Nazir A K Rs 570
3-Oct-13 Hina S Rs 1000
4-Oct-13 Saira A Rs 10000
4-Oct-13 Sultanat N Rs 10000
4-Oct-13 Naved K Rs 10000
4-Oct-13 Farid A Rs 10000
4-Oct-13 M Kaleem S Rs 2200
5-Oct-13 Razia S Rs 8800
5-Oct-13 Imtiyaz Rs 2000
6-Oct-13 Saifudeen S Rs 5000
7-Oct-13 Z Hussain Rs 2200
8-Oct-13 M Hassan S Rs 9000
9-Oct-13 Sana K Rs 4400
9-Oct-13 Behzad A Rs 4400
10-Oct-13 Feroz V K Rs 2200
10-Oct-13 Hina S Rs 2200
10-Oct-13 Imran Rs 2000
10-Oct-13 Hina S Rs 2000
10-Oct-13 Haseeb A K Rs 10000
10-Oct-13 Imran Rs 2000
11-Oct-13 S Nadeem I Rs 1000
11-Oct-13 Behzad A Rs 2200
11-Oct-13 Hina S Rs 2200
11-Oct-13 G Chishti Rs 3000
11-Oct-13 Hina S Rs 2200
11-Oct-13 Nazia T Rs 4400
12-Oct-13 S Nath Rs 2200
12-Oct-13 Fuad R Y Rs 4000
12-Oct-13 Saifudeen S Rs 4400
12-Oct-13 Muzammil A Rs 6600
13-Oct-13 Roomy S Rs 8800
13-Oct-13 Omar A Rs 2000
14-Oct-13 Kahkashan Rs 2000
14-Oct-13 Adnan Rs 1000
14-Oct-13 M Naseem B Rs 1000
14-Oct-13 Gazala P S Rs 10000
14-Oct-13 M Zahid S Rs 10000
14-Oct-13 M Tabish P Rs 2200
14-Oct-13 Nazeer A Rs 18000
15-Oct-13 Wasim K Rs 11000
15-Oct-13 Muhsin M Rs 2200
15-Oct-13 H M Rs 9000
15-Oct-13 Ansar A Rs 3400
15-Oct-13 Sahil K Rs 1700
15-Oct-13 Raisa I G Rs 1000
16-Oct-13 Sara S Rs 2200
16-Oct-13 Seema P Rs 4400
16-Oct-13 Dana A Rs 9000
16-Oct-13 Ahamed B Rs 6600
16-Oct-13 Arshiya T Rs 2200
16-Oct-13 M Yaseen S Rs 4400
16-Oct-13 S Ziaullah S Rs 6436
18-Oct-13 B J Rs 500 
18-Oct-13 Asif S Rs 5000
22-Oct-13 Farhat A Rs 5000
22-Oct-13 M Akhtar H Rs 500
24-Oct-13 S M Tariq Rs 30000
1-Nov-13 Muhsin MMR Rs 260
1-Nov-13 J Rs 200
2-Nov-13 M Aman Rs 50000
4-Nov-13 Saman A Rs 7000
4-Nov-13 Safia A Rs 10000
4-Nov-13 M Aman Rs 38000
6-Nov-13 S Moinul H Rs 5000  
7-Nov-13 M Firoze A Rs 1000
7-Nov-13 A Sirajudeen Rs 5000
7-Nov-13 Sabir K Rs 10000
7-Nov-13 Tanveer A Rs 500
7-Nov-13 M Yasir Rs 300
7-Nov-13 Sajjed S Rs 500
7-Nov-13 Shiraz A K Rs 2000
7-Nov-13 S Tahmid Y Rs 5000
8-Nov-13 M Aman Rs 39000
8-Nov-13 Abbas Z Rs 6000
11-Nov-13 Barkatulla Abdul Rs 10000
12-Nov-13 Mohammed A Rs 83000
13-Nov-13 SM Yunus Rs 3000
14-Nov-13 Saman A Rs 5000
14-Nov-13 Safia A Rs 30000
14-Nov-13 Zahid A Rs 35000
14-Nov-13 Alimuddin A Rs 10000    
16-Nov-13 Rafi A Rs 1000
17-Nov-13 Muhsin MMR Rs 2491
19-Nov-13 Jazeem M Kutty Rs 35000
20-Nov-13 NSR Rs 5000
22-Nov-13 Tarique A Rs 10000
23-Nov-13 Yahya Rs 50000
25-Nov-13 Salman A Rs 250
25-Nov-13 Rafe H Rs 10000
26-Nov-13 R V Rs 3500
28-Nov-13 MA Mughal Rs 1000
2-Dec-13 Mahboob Rs 300 
2-Dec-13 Shad S Rs 10000
3-Dec-13 M Tariq Rs 2999
3-Dec-13 M Abdaal A Rs 1000
3-Dec-13 Rafe Rs 7000
3-Dec-13 Ahsan A Rs 10000
3-Dec-13 Jafar AM Rs 5000
3-Dec-13 Zainul AK Rs 30500
3-Dec-13 SG Moinuddin Rs 10000
4-Dec-13 Ghulam YF Rs 10000
4-Dec-13 M Yasir Rs 300
4-Dec-13 Irfan S Rs 20000
4-Dec-13 Sharif K Rs 10000
4-Dec-13 S Khundmir A Rs 10000
4-Dec-13 Ahmed N Rs 10000
4-Dec-13 Feroz K Rs 1000
4-Dec-13 Nisar AK Rs 5000
4-Dec-13 Md Ashraf A Rs 1000
4-Dec-13 AM Obaid Rs 5000
4-Dec-13 Shafquatullah S Rs 5500
4-Dec-13 Gheyas H Rs 5000
4-Dec-13 M Nahid S Rs 50000
5-Dec-13 M Firoze A Rs 45000
5-Dec-13 Safiullah M Rs 1000
5-Dec-13 Sami Ur R Rs 1000
5-Dec-13 Manzar H Rs 10000
5-Dec-13 Shahid F Rs 500
5-Dec-13 SMK Naseer Rs 5000
5-Dec-13 S Saif A Rs 1000
5-Dec-13 Yasir BT Rs 2000
5-Dec-13 Abdul Q Rs 10000
5-Dec-13 M Arshad Rs 1000
5-Dec-13 Asrar A Rs 3000
5-Dec-13 Qamruzzama A Rs 10000
5-Dec-13 Javed Rs 1000
5-Dec-13 Iqbal AF Rs 5000
5-Dec-13 Saif I Rs 5000
6-Dec-13 Mushtaque M Rs 1500
6-Dec-13 S Hammad A Rs 41300
6-Dec-13 HM Shahul Rs 5000
6-Dec-13 M Shahber Rs 200000
6-Dec-13 Huneef MS Rs 20000
6-Dec-13 Bilal AB Rs 5400
6-Dec-13 Mohsin A Rs 8000
6-Dec-13 Zafar M Rs 12000
6-Dec-13 Furhan A Rs 3000
6-Dec-13 Saad WJ Rs 10000
6-Dec-13 Asrar A Rs 3000
6-Dec-13 M Shakeel R Rs 900
6-Dec-13 Ziaul HK Rs 5000
6-Dec-13 Navaid A Rs 1000
7-Dec-13 Munzir N Rs 1000
7-Dec-13 Shabnam A Rs 500
7-Dec-13 Jaber M Rs 20000
7-Dec-13 Salahuddin A Rs 500
7-Dec-13 Seema P Rs 10000
7-Dec-13 Tanvir A Rs 10000
7-Dec-13 Kutubuddin A Rs 500
7-Dec-13 Fahad A Rs 1000
7-Dec-13 Aateka K Rs 10000
7-Dec-13 Akbar A Rs 100000
7-Dec-13 Adil A Rs 100000
8-Dec-13 Javed B Rs 10000
8-Dec-13 M Maaz Y Rs 500
8-Dec-13 AM Sharif Rs 2000
8-Dec-13 Anwar Masood S Rs 1000
8-Dec-13 Hamidali Rs 1000
9-Dec-13 Aamir AS Rs 15000
9-Dec-13 M Zafer A Rs 35000
9-Dec-13 Ashmath K B M Rs 5000
9-Dec-13 M Qais Rs 16000
9-Dec-13 S Jameel A Rs 5620
9-Dec-13 Nawab S Rs 5620
9-Dec-13 Mustafa N Rs 5620
9-Dec-13 Anwar H Rs 3210
9-Dec-13 Johar S Rs 1605
9-Dec-13 Asif Rs 800
9-Dec-13 Buddy Rs 1605
9-Dec-13 Habib ur R Rs 5620
9-Dec-13 Imran K Rs 8030
9-Dec-13 Salim S S Rs 10000
9-Dec-13 Sana A Rs 2000
9-Dec-13 Mohammad S B Rs 1000
9-Dec-13 Ebad A Rs 3000
9-Dec-13 Maroof A K Rs 1000
9-Dec-13 Javed B Rs 5000
9-Dec-13 Shreyas S Rs 1000
9-Dec-13 M Hashim Rs 1000
10-Dec-13 Abrar A A S Rs 4500
10-Dec-13 Mushafiq S P Rs 1000
11-Dec-13 Arif IS Rs 50000
11-Dec-13 BA D-K Chapter Rs 90000
11-Dec-13 Yousuf K Rs 27000
11-Dec-13 Tajammul T Rs 5000
11-Dec-13 Janne Rs 4155
11-Dec-13 Maryam A Rs 70000
11-Dec-13 Israr A Rs 25000
11-Dec-13 M Aslam Rs 20000
11-Dec-13 Farzana A Rs 10000
11-Dec-13 Rahat A Rs 10000
11-Dec-13 Zafar A Rs 10000
12-Dec-13 M Zabiulla Rs 22000
12-Dec-13 S Zubair A S Rs 10500    
12-Dec-13 Muzaffar N Rs 5000
12-Dec-13 Mohammed B Essah Rs 5000
12-Dec-13 M Fahad A Rs 5000
13-Dec-13 S Zubair AS Rs 21000
13-Dec-13 Naheed S Rs 5000
13-Dec-13 Rafat Rs 5000
13-Dec-13 Hamza BS Rs 500
13-Dec-13 Mujibullah K Rs 4000
13-Dec-13 Masood BS Rs 22500
13-Dec-13 Saman A Rs 10000
13-Dec-13 Safia A Rs 25000
13-Dec-13 Sabiha IK Rs 13000
13-Dec-13 M Asrarul H Rs 5400
14-Dec-13 Naseem A Rs 13000
14-Dec-13 Naved S Rs 10000
14-Dec-13 Raisa I G Rs 1500
14-Dec-13 Raheel R Rs 10000
14-Dec-13 Nisar A Rs 8700
15-Dec-13 Saif I Rs 10000
15-Dec-13 S Zaid Rs 5000
15-Dec-13 Ikram MIS Rs 10000
16-Dec-13 Parwez I Rs 17000
16-Dec-13 Gulzar K Rs 3500
16-Dec-13 Amruddin K Rs 4100
16-Dec-13 Zabid A Rs 700
16-Dec-13 Abida A Rs 25000
16-Dec-13 Atif Z Rs 2000
16-Dec-13 AG Khan Rs 21250
16-Dec-13 Saman K Rs 5000
16-Dec-13 Shanul HS Rs 100000
16-Dec-13 Nasir A Rs 10000
16-Dec-13 S Mujahid U Rs 500
16-Dec-13 BJ Reddy Rs 200
16-Dec-13 Rana S Rs 5000
17-Dec-13 M Aqil Rs 5000
17-Dec-13 M Aquil Z N Rs 5000
17-Dec-13 Kafil A Rs 5000
17-Dec-13 M Sharique Rs 70000
17-Dec-13 S Ziaullah S Rs 5500
18-Dec-13 M Ahsan Rs 10500
18-Dec-13 M Muzaffar H Rs 2480
18-Dec-13 M Hafiz Rs 80350
18-Dec-13 Asifulla RK Rs 9000
18-Dec-13 Shameem A Rs 1000
18-Dec-13 HM Shahul Rs 5500
18-Dec-13 Omar S Rs 25640
19-Dec-13 Naushad A Rs 5000
19-Dec-13 M Asif S Rs 10000
19-Dec-13 M Rashed Rs 2000
19-Dec-13 M Akbar A Rs 5000
19-Dec-13 Abdullah Ah Rs 6100
19-Dec-13 KZ Azmi Rs 5000
20-Dec-13 S Wasif I Rs 1000
20-Dec-13 Asma S Rs 2000
20-Dec-13 Zeenat M Rs 5000
20-Dec-13 CB Shakir A Rs 27500
21-Dec-13 A Jamal A Rs 19000
21-Dec-13 Salahuddin A Rs 1440
21-Dec-13 Karan A Rs 5100
21-Dec-13 Zubair A Rs 10000
21-Dec-13 M Faisal Rs 6650
21-Dec-13 A Gani Rs 5000
21-Dec-13 Indira K Rs 1000
22-Dec-13 Sabahut A Rs 1000
22-Dec-13 Kazi M S Rs 5000
22-Dec-13 M Adnan Rs 10000
22-Dec-13 Nasir K Rs 5000
22-Dec-13 Roomy S Rs 500
23-Dec-13 Shafiq AM Rs 3000
23-Dec-13 M Ansari Rs 5000
23-Dec-13 Shakir HA Rs 900
23-Dec-13 Ellham I Rs 8000
23-Dec-13 SNA Rs 11000
23-Dec-13 Wasim P Rs 5000
23-Dec-13 Israr A Rs 18150
23-Dec-13 Muzaffer A Rs 10000
24-Dec-13 M Akram A Rs 5000
24-Dec-13 Kamaluddin A Rs 11200
24-Dec-13 Al-Gausiya Enterprises Rs 20000
24-Dec-13 Irfan UF Rs 5000
24-Dec-13 Aman UK Rs 35000
24-Dec-13 AC Haleel R Rs 2700
24-Dec-13 M Tarique Rs 38000
24-Dec-13 M Saleem H Rs 5500
24-Dec-13 Nisar AK Rs 10000
24-Dec-13 Aateka K Rs 25000
24-Dec-13 Abdullah UK Rs 70000
24-Dec-13 Ibrahim M Rs 1000
24-Dec-13 Javed Rs 500
24-Dec-13 M Farooq A Rs 10000
24-Dec-13 Fatha Rs 3500
24-Dec-13 Atif I Rs 5000
25-Dec-13 Zahid H Rs 15000
25-Dec-13 Mushir AK Rs 10000
25-Dec-13 KDAK Rs 19000
25-Dec-13 Iqbal AF Rs 5000
25-Dec-13 M. Shuaeb Rs 1000
25-Dec-13 Anwar HS Rs 500
25-Dec-13 M Rafiq Rs 2000
26-Dec-13 Mahtab K Rs 5000
26-Dec-13 Nazir AK Rs 6500
26-Dec-13 Shahabuddin Rs 20000
26-Dec-13 Shaher Rs 20000
26-Dec-13 Johara Rs 15000
26-Dec-13 Farzeen G Rs 15000  
26-Dec-13 Parveen A Rs 15000
26-Dec-13 Nasreen A Rs 15000
26-Dec-13 Fahad R Rs 2000
26-Dec-13 S Khursheed A Rs 1000
26-Dec-13 Kashif Rs 500
26-Dec-13 A Javed Rs 2000
26-Dec-13 Shahid K Rs 20000
26-Dec-13 V.S.O Mohammed Rs 8000
26-Dec-13 Yusuf A I Rs 1000
26-Dec-13 Ayaz FS Rs 6000
27-Dec-13 Mohsin S Rs 1000
27-Dec-13 Hussain S Rs 1000
27-Dec-13 Ahmed F K Rs 10000
27-Dec-13 Faisal H Rs 2000
27-Dec-13 Javed B Rs 10000
27-Dec-13 Aslam R A Rs 10000
27-Dec-13 Javed A Rs 1000
27-Dec-13 SM Salim Rs 3000
27-Dec-13 Imran Khan Rs 20000
27-Dec-13 Kamran IH Rs 30000
28-Dec-13 M Swaleh Rs 2000
28-Dec-13 Utsav M Rs 1200
29-Dec-13 Shahid K Rs 1000
29-Dec-13 Parvez A Rs 500
29-Dec-13 M Arshad Rs 5000
29-Dec-13 Saima K Rs 1000
29-Dec-13 Rashid NMB Rs 2500
29-Dec-13 Saif I Rs 2000
30-Dec-13 MH Jamee Rs 1000
30-Dec-13 Amer MK Rs 5600
30-Dec-13 Feroz A Rs 5600
30-Dec-13 Nowman A Rs 5600
30-Dec-13 Muhamed AR Rs 5689
30-Dec-13 Omer Y Rs 23000
30-Dec-13 M Sadiq HS Rs 10000
30-Dec-13 Prabha P Rs 10000
30-Dec-13 Masood BS Rs 25000
30-Dec-13 Anjali M Rs 4500
30-Dec-13 Noor A Rs 20000
30-Dec-13 Faridha S Rs 8000
30-Dec-13 Raana W Rs 120000
30-Dec-13 Israr A Rs 7500
31-Dec-13 Ahzam A Rs 5000
31-Dec-13 Khalid YK Rs 12000
31-Dec-13 Mobashshir I Rs 20000
31-Dec-13 M Sharfe A Rs 20000
31-Dec-13 Sajid I Rs 10000
31-Dec-13 Mohammed MH Rs 10000
31-Dec-13 Nazir AK Rs 8000
31-Dec-13 Arsalan RAS Rs 20000
31-Dec-13 Yoosuf M Rs 10000
31-Dec-13 Hariss N Rs 5000
1-Jan-14 Qamar A Rs 20000  
1-Jan-14 Abid H Rs 20000
1-Jan-14 Mushtaq Rs 20000
1-Jan-14 Ahsan S Rs 20000
1-Jan-14 Salman S Rs 20000
1-Jan-14 Hadi H Rs 20000
1-Jan-14 Sadaat A Rs 20000
1-Jan-14 Gauhar Rs 20000
1-Jan-14 Badr Rs 20000
1-Jan-14 M Rehmat A Rs 20000
1-Jan-14 Basheer C Rs 15000
1-Jan-14 Saba N Rs 10000
1-Jan-14 S Mutaharuddin Rs 5400
1-Jan-14 Abdul Q Rs 5000
1-Jan-14 IA Fazli Rs 5000
2-Jan-14 SSH Rs 60000
2-Jan-14 Y Shafeek A Rs 16000
2-Jan-14 Tanseem S Rs 10000
2-Jan-14 A Masroor K Rs 500
2-Jan-14 M Azizuddin Rs 10000
2-Jan-14 Arshad Siddiqui Rs 5000
3-Jan-14 M Zabiulla Rs 10000
3-Jan-14 Faissal K Rs 20000
4-Jan-14 M Suhail Rs 25000
4-Jan-14 Ismail YM Rs 50000
4-Jan-14 B Jayasri Rs 350
4-Jan-14 M Asad K Rs 10000
4-Jan-14 Akmal W Rs 500
4-Jan-14 M Asrar H Rs 10000
4-Jan-14 Saman K Rs 1000
4-Jan-14 Urfi A Rs 11000
4-Jan-14 Shahida M Rs 7500
4-Jan-14 Rabiya Rs 7500
4-Jan-14 Muntasir A Rs 5000
5-Jan-14 Sadik A Rs 5000
5-Jan-14 Shaheen Z Rs 438
5-Jan-14 Saba G Rs 500
5-Jan-14 Shiraz S Rs 500
5-Jan-14 Afzal K Rs 2274  
6-Jan-14 Shama TN Rs 5,000
6-Jan-14 Mirza HAB Rs 10,000
6-Jan-14 Irshad AH Rs 6,000
6-Jan-14 Ayaz FS Rs 6,000
6-Jan-14 M Salman Rs 5000
6-Jan-14 Zafar A Rs 500
7-Jan-14 N.A. Shaikh Rs 1,000
7-Jan-14 Nazir AK Rs 1500
7-Jan-14 M Shahid ARS Rs 2000
7-Jan-14 Suhel S Rs 2000
7-Jan-14 M Khalid Rs 500
7-Jan-14 AA Rs 500
8-Jan-14 Naseem A Rs 3,000.00
8-Jan-14 A Needham Rs 1,691.00
8-Jan-14 Arshad HK Rs 15000
8-Jan-14 Aateka K Rs 15000
8-Jan-14 Aamena K Rs 15000
8-Jan-14 Wasim K Rs 15000
8-Jan-14 Sultanat N Rs 13000
8-Jan-14 Nafees H Rs 25000
8-Jan-14 M Akram A Rs 5000
8-Jan-14 M Shadab A Rs 3000
9-Jan-14 Saad S Rs 3000  
9-Jan-14 Rosy R Rs 10000
9-Jan-14 M Minhaj A Rs 1000
9-Jan-14 Kamran B Rs 5000
10-Jan-14 Nafeesa F Rs 2000
11-Jan-14 M Aamir Rs 2000
13-Jan-14 Sartaj A Rs 1000
13-Jan-14 M Misbahuddin Rs 45636
15-Jan-14 Asfar A Rs 10000
19-Jan-14 Saba G Rs 500
19-Jan-14 Afroza Rs 1000
20-Jan-14 Ali MS Rs 2,100
20-Jan-14 M Arshad K Rs 130000
20-Jan-14 Shozeb H Rs 60000
20-Jan-14 Omair A Rs 30000
21-Jan-14 Tariq Siddiqui Rs 40000
21-Jan-14 Nayyar IK Rs 15000
21-Jan-14 HA Basit Rs 19000
21-Jan-14 Sarwar AA Rs 1000
21-Jan-14 Fauzia S Rs 40595
21-Jan-14 S.S. Shaikh Rs 10000
21-Jan-14 Sayeeda SA Rs 35000
22-Jan-14 M Suhail Rs 17200
22-Jan-14 Faisal T Rs 20000
22-Jan-14 Anis A Rs 20000
24-Jan-14 MJ Dagia Rs 2000
24-Jan-14 S ISLAM Rs 25000
24-Jan-14 J&K P ED TRUST Rs 25000
25-Jan-14 Mujtaba Q Rs 500
25-Jan-14 M Imran P Rs 10000
26-Jan-14 Shamshir A Rs 6000
27-Jan-14 BJ REDDY Rs 250
27-Jan-14 M Ilyas Rs 1000
28-Jan-14 Azmi Rs 4000
29-Jan-14 H H Rs 1000
29-Jan-14 M Iqbal Rs 1000
29-Jan-14 A Jamal A Rs 19,000
29-Jan-14 FS Rs 49000
29-Jan-14 MA Mughal Rs 1000
29-Jan-14 Rafi HK Rs 3000
30-Jan-14 Shobha K Rs 5000
30-Jan-14 MMK Rs 40000
31-Jan-14 A Jamal A Rs 19500
31-Jan-14 Ahmed Rs 1000
1-Feb-14 Arsalan RAS Rs 31000  
2-Feb-14 Nikhat SP Rs 4000
3-Feb-14 Gazala K Rs 2000
3-Feb-14 Zakia K Rs 15000
3-Feb-14 Aleem K Rs 10000
3-Feb-14 M Imran Rs 500
4-Feb-14 Asma S Rs 2000
4-Feb-14 Hina K Rs 10000
4-Feb-14 Fauzia Rs 43000
4-Feb-14 Khan Rs 10000
4-Feb-14 M Sharma Rs 10000
4-Feb-14 Majid K Rs 10000
4-Feb-14 Gazala Rs 10000
5-Feb-14 Muhsin MMR Rs 1000 
5-Feb-14 Muzzammil H Rs 5000
9-Feb-14 M Rashid Rs 10000
10-Feb-14 M Akram A Rs 5000
11-Feb-14 Kashif AK Rs 3,000
12-Feb-14 Safia A Rs 25000
12-Feb-14 Imran AK Rs 50000
13-Feb-14 Farah S Rs 34000
17-Feb-14 S Shahaab A Rs 5000
19-Feb-14 M KHALIL U Rs 300
20-Feb-14 A Fatha Rs 3500
21-Feb-14 Mahmood MN Rs 3000
21-Feb-14 Sameer Rs 200
24-Feb-14 R Vidya Rs 28900
24-Feb-14 Arshad S Rs 5000
26-Feb-14 Mufaddal C Rs 500
26-Feb-14 M Tameezuddin Rs 105
1-Mar-14 M Adil Rs 5000   
2-Mar-14 Sulav A Rs 7000
2-Mar-14 Nousheen S Rs 10000
4-Mar-14 S Zubair AS Rs 2000
6-Mar-14 QS Afsaruzzaman Rs 20000
6-Mar-14 Fardan Q Rs 500
9-Mar-14 Omar A Rs 2000
10-Mar-14 Khaleel AU Rs 5000
10-Mar-14 S Khaleel Rs 3000
10-Mar-14 Rafath J Rs 5000
10-Mar-14 Hayath MI Rs 20000
11-Mar-14 Fayaz G Rs 25000
11-Mar-14 Sujatha V Rs 10000
12-Mar-14 M Tameezuddin Rs 105
13-Mar-14 Yusuf J Rs 1000 
13-Mar-14 Muhsin MMR Rs 1131
14-Mar-14 Inzemam H Rs 48
17-Mar-14 FAZIL F TK Rs 500
17-Mar-14 Zakir Rs 7000
18-Mar-14 Farid A Rs 20000
19-Mar-14 Faizal Y Rs 16768
20-Mar-14 Abdul F Rs 3500
21-Mar-14 M Haider G Rs 3091
21-Mar-14 Heshsham AB Rs 18000
21-Mar-14 Furqan A Rs 3000
25-Mar-14 HOOSEIN HD Rs 5000
26-Mar-14 Sohail R Rs 100000
28-Mar-14 Sameen J Rs 200
28-Mar-14 Ashwin K Rs 1000
30-Mar-14 Hisham I Rs 2500


Below are donations recd during financial year 2012-13

2-Apr-12 Manzoor Rs 2000
1-May-12 Farzana Rs 20000
1-May-12 Rahat Rs 20000
1-May-12 Zafar Rs 11,000
9-May-12 Mahboob Rs 300
25-May-12 Dr. Nadheer Rs 5000
2-Jun-12 Mahboob Rs 300
12-Jun-12 Husainali D Rs 5000
18-Jun-12 Dr. Habeebulla Rs 20000
3-Jul-12 Roomy Salkar Rs 300
10-Jul-12 NM Habeebulla Rs 33000
20-Jul-12 M Khan Rs 300
27-Jul-12 S.S. Ali Rs 20000
29-Jul-12 MMK Rs 40000
29-Jul-12 AM Khan Rs 20000
29-Jul-12 SK Muqhtaruddin Rs 1000
29-Jul-12 MN Siddiqui Rs 11000
29-Jul-12 Nisar Rs 5000
30-Jul-12 E Sharieff Rs 5000
30-Jul-12 Rajakumar Rs 1000
30-Jul-12 Dr Tahir Rs 1000
30-Jul-12 MQ Farooq Rs 10000
30-Jul-12 Qaisar Rs 5000
30-Jul-12 Kalim Rs 2000
30-Jul-12 Akbar Shaikh Rs 25000
30-Jul-12 Hayat Ahmed Rs 5000
30-Jul-12 Nisar Rs 500
30-Jul-12 Jawaid Rs 1000
30-Jul-12 Syed Mudassir Rs 1000
31-Jul-12 Sk Shakil Rs 500
31-Jul-12 Azeemuddin Rs 2000
31-Jul-12 AbdulQadir Rs 2000
1-Aug-12 Mohamed Rs 25000
1-Aug-12 MF Mulla Rs 5000
1-Aug-12 Zaid Rs 5000
2-Aug-12 Uzair Khan Rs 5000
2-Aug-12 S Khan Rs 2500
3-Aug-12 I Ahmed Rs 5000
4-Aug-12 Wasim Rs 3000
4-Aug-12 Quraishy Rs 7000
4-Aug-12 SJM Jafri Rs 25000
4-Aug-12 Dr Nargis Rs 2000
5-Aug-12 MS Moulvi Rs 10000
5-Aug-12 A Shah Rs 10000
5-Aug-12 Roub Rs 15000
6-Aug-12 Ahzam Rs 10000
6-Aug-12 Salkar Rs 200
6-Aug-12 Nishat Shaikh Rs 2500
7-Aug-12 Asif Rs 5000
7-Aug-12 Qais Rs 2000
7-Aug-12 Tamizuddin Rs 5000
7-Aug-12 M.H. Syed Rs 6,000
7-Aug-12 Naheed Rs 10,000
7-Aug-12 Zaki Ansari Rs 25,000
7-Aug-12 Ziaur Rs 5,000
7-Aug-12 Imtiyaz Rs 3000
7-Aug-12 Shakil Khan Rs 5000
8-Aug-12 Mohammed Adil Rs 5000
9-Aug-12 Hasibur Rahaman Rs 14700
10-Aug-12 Md. Islam Rs 2000
10-Aug-12 Halal India Rs 5000
11-Aug-12 Shaikh Saddam Rs 1000
12-Aug-12 Abdul Rahiman Rs 2500
12-Aug-12 Abu Sufian Muttalib Rs 5000
13-Aug-12 Muhammad Farooq Rs 10000
13-Aug-12 Hussain Rs 5,005
13-Aug-12 NAVED AHMAD Rs 8,000
14-Aug-12 Mohammed Qais Rs 15,000
14-Aug-12 Farzana Ahmad Rs 21,000
14-Aug-12 Zahid Ahmad Rs 95,000
14-Aug-12 Safia Amir Rs 25000
14-Aug-12 S.I. Khan Rs 10000
14-Aug-12 N.I. Khan Rs 15000
14-Aug-12 Anwar Alam Rs 10000
14-Aug-12 Shafi A. Ahmed Rs 550
14-Aug-12 Waseem Ahmed Rs 2000
14-Aug-12 Afsaruzzaman Rs 20000
14-Aug-12 Saiyid Hamid Rs 3000
14-Aug-12 Dr Mansoor Alam Rs 5000
14-Aug-12 Dr A Khan Rs 5000
14-Aug-12 Dawood Ali S Rs 45000
15-Aug-12 Mohammed Akram Rs 10000
15-Aug-12 Qais Khatib Rs 2000
15-Aug-12 Azhar Khan Rs 500
16-Aug-12 Mohamed Ziauddin Rs 10000
17-Aug-12 Qais Khatib Rs 2000
17-Aug-12 Uzair S Khan Rs 5000
17-Aug-12 Sadiqbhai Rs 5000
17-Aug-12 Ziaul Usmani Rs 20000
17-Aug-12 Javed Khan Rs 10000
17-Aug-12 Rahat Rs 100000
18-Aug-12 Shozib Anis Rs 8200
18-Aug-12 Nisar Khan Rs 10000
18-Aug-12 Abdul Rahiman Rs 1000
18-Aug-12 Roomy Salkar Rs 6000
18-Aug-12 Hanan Mir Rs 400
18-Aug-12 Zakir Ahmed Rs 500
19-Aug-12 Zakir Ahmed Rs 500
19-Aug-12 Abdul Rahaman Rs 1000
19-Aug-12 MMK Rs 50000
20-Aug-12 Abdullah Rs 1750
21-Aug-12 Rahat Rs 200000
21-Aug-12 Umar Rs 5000
22-Aug-12 Baig Rs 4000
24-Aug-12 Farah Rs 9000
27-Aug-12 SA Rub Rs 5000
28-Aug-12 NAB Rs 28000
28-Aug-12 Hisham Rs 2038
3-Sep-12 Farooqui Rs 50
5-Sep-12 Mahboob Rs 500
14-Sep-12 K.A. Hameed Rs 2000
14-Sep-12 Nadeem Rs 2000
14-Sep-12 M. Bahauddin Rs 1000
15-Sep-12 H Khan Rs 3500
15-Sep-12 ZI Khan Rs 10000
15-Sep-12 Urooj Rs 20000
15-Sep-12 Saira Rs 18000
15-Sep-12 Sultanat Rs 18000
15-Sep-12 Saman Rs 10000
15-Sep-12 Aateka Rs 50000
20-Sep-12 Uzair Rs 2000
26-Sep-12 Shamsul Rs 10000
1-Oct-12 Wajihullah Rs 8000
3-Oct-12 Mahboob Rs 300
4-Oct-12 Afsana Rs 19000
4-Oct-12 Najeeb Rs 5000
9-Oct-12 IS Parray Rs 8800
12-Oct-12 Rafia Rs 10000
17-Oct-12 Uzair S Khan Rs 4600
17-Oct-12 Kainaat Rs 2200
17-Oct-12 Rafia Rs 10000
20-Oct-12 Yasmeen Qadir Rs 2200
22-Oct-12 Nazia Tarannum Rs 6600
23-Oct-12 AU Rs 6600
23-Oct-12 Zakir Hussain Rs 2200
23-Oct-12 SA Rs 8000
24-Oct-12 Safia Rs 10000
25-Oct-12 Nabeel Mohammed Rs 6600
25-Oct-12 K M Hussain Rs 11000
25-Oct-12 Maaz Ahmed Rs 4400
26-Oct-12 Subrata N Rs 2200
26-Oct-12 Hemant KS Rs 40000
2-Nov-12 Mehboob Khan Rs 300
4-Nov-12 Prof Zafarul Islam Rs 10000
7-Nov-12 Reyaz AS Rs 10000
12-Nov-12 Akshay Sharma Rs 10
2-Dec-12 S.I. Khan Rs 10000
3-Dec-12 Mehboob Rs 300
4-Dec-12 Adeel M Rs 1000
7-Dec-12 B J Reddy Rs 1080
12-Dec-12 Tahseen Ansari Rs 6000
12-Dec-12 Muhsin MMR Rs 1000
15-Dec-12 Musadhiq Rs 3135
1-Jan-13 Mehboob Khan Rs 300
5-Jan-13 Saliha B Rs 5000
6-Jan-13 AG Khan Rs 5000
7-Jan-13 Naseem Rs 3000
10-Jan-13 A Mahmood Rs 2500
11-Jan-13 N Ansari Rs 50000
13-Jan-13 N Ansari Rs 50000
29-Jan-13 Zakat Foundation of India Rs 15000
4-Feb-13 Mehboob Khan Rs 300
4-Feb-13 Asraful Islam (Bakul) Rs 1000
4-Feb-13 Syed Shahabuddin Rs 2000
13-Feb-13 Ameer Mohideen Rs 100
19-Feb-13 Haji Mohammed Ali Mughal Rs 500
19-Feb-13 Roomy Salkar Rs 400
22-Feb-13 Abdul Quddoos Rs 100
25-Feb-13 Musfeera Rs 200
1-Mar-13 Ameer Mohideen Rs 100
4-Mar-13 Mehboob Rs 300
12-Mar-13 MMK Rs 27000
12-Mar-13 Shabbir Rs 10000
29-Mar-13 Mahmood Hussain Rs 4000
29-Mar-13 Naseem Ansari Rs 34164





Below are donations recd during financial year 2011-12

1-Apr-11 Rameez Rs 100
2-Apr-11 Shamshul Islam Rs 5000
2-Apr-11 SJM Jafri Rs 5000
2-Apr-11 S Shahid Rs 5000
3-Apr-11 M T Ahmed Rs 20000
4-Apr-11 Jamal Rs 500
6-Apr-11 Ahmad Qureshi Rs 500
6-Apr-11 Y Yousuf Rs 10000
8-Apr-11 Razia Rs 200
10-Apr-11 Mohsin Ahmad Rs 1000
12-Apr-11 N Suratwala Rs 10706
12-Apr-11 Mahmood Hussain Rs 4000
16-Apr-11 Tahir Shaikh Rs 100000
16-Apr-11 HKhan Rs 10000
16-Apr-11 ZI Khan Rs 15000
21-Apr-11 Syed Kirmani Rs 20000
23-Apr-11 Safia Rs 5000
24-Apr-11 M. Urooj Rs 20000
1-May-11 Taufique Siddiqui Rs 5000
1-May-11 Sultanat Naaz Rs 15000
1-May-11 Saira Afroz Rs 15000
9-May-11 M Ansari Rs 15000
9-May-11 R Nishat Rs 10000
9-May-11 Umer Farooq Rs 5000
9-May-11 Hayat Ahmed Rs 2500
10-May-11 Dr M Amir Rs 15000
10-May-11 Tabish Mohammed Rs 10000
10-May-11 Hasan Jamee Rs 10000
11-May-11 Niaz Ahmad Rs 15000
11-May-11 Naved Ahmad Rs 15000
12-May-11 Shad Shahid Rs 15000
13-May-11 Abdul Mueed Rs 2500
1-Jun-11 Syed Saheem Rs 15000
13-Jun-11 Kazi Mohammed Rs 25000
14-Jun-11 M Umar Sharif Rs 5000
4-Jul-11 Amena Khan Rs 500
4-Jul-11 Safia Amir Rs 1000
14-Jul-11 Irfan Parray Rs 1111
14-Jul-11 Syed S Rs 2000
21-Jul-11 Sadik H. Siddiqui Rs 2000
22-Jul-11 Zahid Ahmad Rs 85000
28-Jul-11 Mahmood Hussain Rs 3000
3-Aug-11 Abdul Rahiman Rs 2000
4-Aug-11 Mohd Kashif Rs 1000
7-Aug-11 Nasreen Shaikh Rs 2000
8-Aug-11 Qamar Ahmad Rs 10000
9-Aug-11 Aateka Khan Rs 50000
10-Aug-11 Mohamed F Ahamed Rs 25000
11-Aug-11 Umar Farooque Rs 2000
12-Aug-11 Yasir Y Rs 25000
14-Aug-11 Akbar Shaikh Rs 25000
14-Aug-11 Mohammad Sirajuddin Rs 2500
14-Aug-11 Naved Ahmad Rs 10000
14-Aug-11 Saiyid Hamid Rs 2000
16-Aug-11 Khasim Rs 2000
17-Aug-11 Dr. M.Firoze Ahamed Rs 17186
17-Aug-11 Sultanat Naaz Rs 20000
17-Aug-11 Saira Afroz Rs 10000
17-Aug-11 M. Urooj Rs 18000
18-Aug-11 Dr Ahmad Ali Rs 1000
19-Aug-11 S H Raza Hashmi Rs 660
20-Aug-11 Waseem Ahmad Rs 1000
21-Aug-11 Wahid Inamdar Rs 5000
22-Aug-11 Abu Sufian Muttalib Rs 5100
22-Aug-11 Adil Nomani Rs 3000
23-Aug-11 Prof M.R.K. Nadvi Rs 10000
24-Aug-11 Zakat Foundation of India Rs 31000
24-Aug-11 M Tamizuddin Ahmed Rs 5000
24-Aug-11 Furqan Ahmad Rs 5000
24-Aug-11 Dr M Mustafa Rs 10000
25-Aug-11 Naushad Ansari Rs 10000
25-Aug-11 M S Sabu Rs 12000
25-Aug-11 M Raza Khan Rs 6000
25-Aug-11 Anjum Mattoo Rs 4700
26-Aug-11 Abdul Shah Rs 16000
26-Aug-11 Hasibur Rahaman Rs 14000
26-Aug-11 Tausifbaig Mirza Rs 5000
26-Aug-11 Mohamed Ziauddin Rs 20000
27-Aug-11 Zainul A Mansoorie Rs 3000
28-Aug-11 Muhammad Rasheed Rs 2000
28-Aug-11 M Abdul Rasheed Rs 1000
28-Aug-11 MA Hakeem Rs 5000
29-Aug-11 Roomy Salkar Rs 300
29-Aug-11 MMK Rs 20000
29-Aug-11 Nazia Saulat Rs 30000
29-Aug-11 Abdul A Khazi Rs 5000
30-Aug-11 Abdul G Lalla Rs 700
1-Sep-11 Naushad Khan Rs 1000
1-Sep-11 Nafisa N Deshmukh Rs 1000
2-Sep-11 Sanjar Huda Rs 51
2-Sep-11 Omair Nayyar Rs 17000
2-Sep-11 Nazeer A B Rs 9500
2-Sep-11 Aateka Rs 17000
2-Sep-11 S.M. Faisal Rs 250
2-Sep-11 MZ Khan Rs 5000
2-Sep-11 Haji K.A. Hameed Rs 2000
2-Sep-11 Abdul Mueed Rs 5000
2-Sep-11 Union Steel Industries Rs 1500
2-Sep-11 Z H Usmani Rs 10000
6-Sep-11 M Umar Sharif Rs 10000
8-Sep-11 Zafar Ahmad Rs 15000
8-Sep-11 Qamar Ahmad Rs 40000
15-Sep-11 S.M. Faisal Rs 5000
16-Sep-11 Lokesh Navlani Rs 100
21-Sep-11 Shahid Fatah Rs 20000
21-Sep-11 Shama Khairwi Rs 20000
21-Sep-11 W.M.Khairwi Rs 20000
21-Sep-11 Hasib Mallick Rs 20000
21-Sep-11 Khatib Mallick Rs 20000
26-Sep-11 Mumtaz Baig Rs 200
29-Sep-11 Adeel Mahmood Rs 1000
29-Sep-11 M. Bahauddin Rs 500
13-Oct-11 Mahmood Hussain Rs 1200
20-Oct-11 Roomy Salkar Rs 300
28-Oct-11 Irfan S Parray Rs 5775
31-Oct-11 Dr. Ahmad Ali Rs 1000
1-Nov-11 Hisham Ahmad Rs 6040
3-Nov-11 Nabeel Aziz Rs 1925
3-Nov-11 Mohammad Abbas Rs 1925
4-Nov-11 Roomy Salkar Rs 1925
4-Nov-11 Seema K. Qureshi Rs 1925
4-Nov-11 Shahid Pathan Rs 1925
5-Nov-11 Nikhila Viswan Rs 1925
6-Nov-11 Nadeem Akhtar Rs 3850
6-Nov-11 Shahid Pathan Rs 1925
8-Nov-11 E. Iqbal Ahmed Rs 1925
8-Nov-11 Rafiulla Khan Rs 7700
9-Nov-11 Basir Khan Rs 4750
9-Nov-11 T A Khan Rs 9000
14-Nov-11 Hishaam Abdul Rs 2449.61
17-Nov-11 Asraful Islam Rs 1000
22-Nov-11 Abdul Shah Rs 15000
5-Dec-11 Prashob Mohan Rs 500
8-Dec-11 Seema Pathan Rs 25000
19-Dec-11 Roomy S Rs 500
20-Dec-11 S.M. Faisal Rs 250
24-Dec-11 Dr. M. F. Ahamed Rs 19260
26-Dec-11 Ameen-e-Mudassar Rs 1500
28-Dec-11 MMK Rs 20200
29-Dec-11 Irfan S Parray Rs 6300
5-Jan-12 Adeel Mahmood Rs 1500
19-Jan-12 Adeel Mahmood Rs 1000
20-Jan-12 M.S. Dawood Rs 10000
27-Jan-12 Safia Amir Rs 17250
27-Jan-12 M Amir Rs 15000
27-Jan-12 Roomy Salkar Rs 200
12-Feb-12 Furqan Ahmad Rs 3375
20-Mar-12 Mohammed Iqbal Rs 5000
28-Feb-12 Dr. Prashob Mohan Rs 2000
28-Feb-12 A.G. Khan Rs 3000
3-Mar-12 Dr. M. Ahamed Rs 10000
8-Mar-12 Roomy Rs 200
15-Mar-12 Abdul Shah Rs 18000
16-Mar-12 Shahid Pathan Rs 10000
16-Mar-12 Adeel Mahmood Rs 1500



Below are donations recd during financial year 2010-11

30-Mar-11 Jyotsana Singh Rs 3000
12-Mar-11 Roomy Salkar Rs 100
10-Mar-11 AG Khan Rs 5000
10-Mar-11 Mohammed Shahil P Rs 166
6-Mar-11 Asna Furqan Rs 5000
6-Mar-11 Furqan Ahmad Rs 7271
5-Mar-11 Adeel Mahmood Rs 1000
18-Feb-11 Roomy Salkar Rs 300
31-Jan-11 Mohammed Bhasheer Rs 5000
26-Jan-11 Abdul Roub Shah Rs 25000
16-Jan-11 mohamed firoze ahamed Rs 6000
11-Jan-11 Roomy Salkar Rs 100
8-Jan-11 Rashida Bano Rs 9500
27-Dec-10 Shikeb ur Rehman Rs 6000
24-Dec-10 AG Khan Rs 500
24-Dec-10 Asraful Islam (Bakul) Rs 1000
24-Dec-10 Syed Moinul Hasan Rs 4000
24-Nov-10 Justice Mohamed Anwar Rs 3010
24-Nov-10 Lubna Himayat Rs 10000
24-Nov-10 Abdul Mueed Rs 5000
24-Nov-10 Lubna Khalid Rs 3000
24-Nov-10 S.S.M. Sadaqathullah Rs 1000
24-Nov-10 Dr. SM Raza Ali Khan Rs 500
19-Nov-10 Sheeraz Ahmad Rs 500
19-Nov-10 Roomy Salkar Rs 300
16-Nov-10 Irfan Shafi Parray Rs 1550
16-Nov-10 Irfan Shafi Parray Rs 3100
13-Nov-10 Shaik Rahiman Rs 12400
13-Nov-10 Shaik Rahiman Rs 10850
13-Nov-10 Shaik Rahiman Rs 10850
13-Nov-10 Shaik Rahiman Rs 7750
13-Nov-10 Shaik Rahiman Rs 10850
11-Nov-10 Ameer Mohideen Rs 10000
9-Nov-10 Awais Patni Rs 10000
8-Nov-10 Husainali Rs 2000
4-Nov-10 Asna Furqan Rs 5000
2-Nov-10 Prof M.R.K. Nadvi Rs 10000
2-Nov-10 Zahid Ahmad Rs 92349
2-Nov-10 AG Khan Rs 6085
2-Nov-10 Mahmood Hussain Rs 3000
10-Oct-10 M Ahsan Ansari Rs 1000
9-Oct-10 Ghazala Nasreen Rs 1000
8-Oct-10 Roomy Rs 600
7-Oct-10 Adil Nomani Rs 500
6-Oct-10 Habiba Khan Rs 4000
4-Oct-10 Nafeesa Mehboob Rs 1200
2-Oct-10 Nayyar Iqbal Rs 10000
16-Sep-10 Abdul Ghani Lalla Rs 2000
15-Sep-10 Sadik H. Siddiqui Rs 5800
12-Sep-10 Tausif Mirza Rs 4000
11-Sep-10 Ziaul Hasan Usmani Rs 10000
10-Sep-10 Mirza Arif Baig Rs 1000
10-Sep-10 M Ameen PA Rs 2000
10-Sep-10 Shozib Anis Rs 8500
10-Sep-10 Dr MA Basit Rs 1000
10-Sep-10 A. H. Ansari Rs 500
10-Sep-10 M S Sabu Rs 12000
9-Sep-10 Dr Saniyasnain Khan Rs 10000
9-Sep-10 Shabbir Hassan Rs 20000
9-Sep-10 Mohd Javed Khan Rs 10000
8-Sep-10 Roomy Salkar Rs 8000
8-Sep-10 Mohammed Sharifuddin Rs 5000
8-Sep-10 Abu Fahim Rs 1000
8-Sep-10 Zubaid Usmani Rs 5000
7-Sep-10 Hemant Sharma Rs 35000
7-Sep-10 Hasibur Rahaman Rs 4000
6-Sep-10 Aateka Khan Rs 40000
6-Sep-10 Safia Amir Rs 15000
6-Sep-10 Mohammad Nahid Siddiqui Rs 10000
6-Sep-10 Saiyid Hamid Rs 2000
6-Sep-10 A Muhammad Abdul Hakeem Rs 5000
5-Sep-10 Habibullah Badsha Rs 5000
5-Sep-10 Mohammed Iqbal Rs 5000
5-Sep-10 Md Zeya Ul Haque Rs 1000
5-Sep-10 Imran Basha Rs 1000
04-Sep-10 Saida Ahmad Rs 16000
04-Sep-10 S Mojumder Rs 3000
04-Sep-10 Sarfaraz Ahmad Rs 200
04-Sep-10 Maschmeijer Aromatic (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. Rs 5000
03-Sep-10 A Muhammad Abdul Rasheed Rs 3000
03-Sep-10 Serajul Arfeen Rs 27521
03-Sep-10 Prof. Tahir H. Jafri Rs 1000
03-Sep-10 Shafi A Ahmed Rs 300
01-Sep-10 MA Saiyed Rs 250
01-Sep-10 MA Munim Khan Rs 700
01-Sep-10 Abdul Ghaffar Khan Rs 10000
01-Sep-10 Prematma Rs 10
30-Aug-10 Pharos Media & Publishing Pvt Ltd Rs 9000
30-Aug-10 Habiba Khan Rs 10000
30-Aug-10 Zafarul-Islam Khan Rs 20000
30-Aug-10 Mazin Khan Rs 4000
29-Aug-10 Abu Sufian Muttalib Rs 5000
28-Aug-10 Saida Ahmad Rs 18000
22-Aug-10 Anwar Masood Siddiqui, Rs 200
20-Aug-10 Mohammad Bahauddin Rs 500
20-Aug-10 Zakat Foundation of India Rs 18000
19-Aug-10 Ismail Y Moolla Rs 15000
16-Aug-10 Naved ahmad Rs 10000
16-Aug-10 Saira Afroz Rs 5000
16-Aug-10 Aamir Mustafa Rs 1000
13-Aug-10 Saida Ahmad Rs 16000
09-Aug-10 Tahir Husain S. Shaikh Rs 10000
07-Aug-10 Furqan Ahmad Rs 1000
02-Aug-10 Saida Ahmad Rs 15000
01-Aug-10 Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Khan Rs 5000
27-Jul-10 Taufique Siddiqui Rs 7000
23-Jul-10 Kiran N Biradar Rs 100
22-Jun-10 N Ravi Kiran Rs 200
07-Jun-10 Naved Ahmad Rs 11000
31-May-10 M. Naushad Ansari Rs 5000
31-May-10 Irfana Parween Rs 5000
27-May-10 Aateka Khan Rs 15000
20-May-10 Syed Shahabuddin Rs 2000
15-May-10 Dr. Nadheer M. Habeebulla Rs 2000
28-Apr-10 Sadik H. Siddiqui Rs 3000

Below are donations recd during the financial year 2009-10

17-Mar-10 Syed Wasim Islahi Rs 15000
15-Mar-10 Omair Kafeel Rs 10000
11-Mar-10 Farah Pervez Rs 17000
07-Mar-10 Taufique Siddiqui Rs 17500
03-Mar-10 Asma Zaidi Rs 13000
20-Feb-10 Vikash Kumar Rs 10000
15-Feb-10 Ziaur Rehman Rs 15000
15-Feb-10 Sadu Samabasiva Rao Rs 100
11-Feb-10 Syed Tabrez Zia Rs 8500
07-Feb-10 Talha Hussain Rs 10000
03-Feb-10 Mohammad Arif Rs 5000
01-Feb-10 Maria Ahmad Rs 15000
31-Jan-10 Neha Mehta Rs 810
29-Jan-10 Zainab Naqvi Rs 13500
25-Jan-10 Mohammad Zubair Rs 19000
20-Jan-10 Amjad Khan Rs 15000
19-Jan-10 Aftab Alam Rs 10000
17-Jan-10 Adeel Mahmood Rs 1000
16-Jan-10 Rizwan Ahmad Rs 15000
15-Jan-10 Taufique Siddiqui Rs 17500
15-Jan-10 Zameer Pagarkar Rs 6000
14-Jan-10 Mr. Mahmut Toptas Rs 12000
14-Jan-10 Mr. Mehmet Celik Rs 12000
14-Jan-10 Dhamodharan S Rs 100
11-Jan-10 Pharos Media & Publishing Pvt Ltd Rs 7500
07-Jan-10 Shamsul Islam Rs 1000
04-Jan-10 Aamena Khan Rs 12000
04-Jan-10 Asma Ansari Rs 8000
04-Jan-10 Habiba Khan Rs 9500
28-Dec-09 Maqsood Ahmad Rs 5000
21-Dec-09 Dr Shamsul Islam Rs 1000
21-Dec-09 Zafarul Islam Khan Rs 13000
16-Dec-09 Adeel Mahmood Rs 2000
10-Dec-09 Zameer Pagarkar Rs 15000
06-Dec-09 Z. Ahmad Rs 18500
06-Dec-09 Mazin Khan Rs 5000
06-Dec-09 Aateka Khan Rs 11000
28-Nov-09 Dr. Nadheer M. Habeebulla, Rs 150
28-Nov-09 Dr. Nadheer M. Habeebulla, Rs 8500
28-Nov-09 Shamsul Islam Rs 1000
28-Nov-09 Sarfaraz Rs 150
05-Nov-09 Aarti Madan for Late Shrimati Vimal Madan Rs 1000
05-Nov-09 Aarti Madan for Late Shri Om Prakash Madan Rs 1000
02-Nov-09 Nadeem Akhtar Rs 10000
30-Oct-09 Shozib Anis Rs 9000
28-Oct-09 M Ameen Rs 2000
28-Oct-09 Shamsul Islam Rs 1000
28-Oct-09 Mohd Javed Khan Rs 10000
28-Oct-09 Zahid Ahmad Rs 18000
23-Oct-09 MH Syed Rs 2800
23-Oct-09 Abdul Mueed Rs 2500
23-Oct-09 Mr. Saiyid Hamid (IAS retd.) Rs 2000
23-Oct-09 Machamo kithan Rs 10
23-Oct-09 Zahid Ahmad Rs 18000
19-Oct-09 Md Zeya Ul Haque Rs 500
19-Oct-09 Pankaj Kumar Verma (A. Rahman) Rs 500
19-Oct-09 Syed Shikebur Rahman Rs 3150
19-Oct-09 Dr Safia Amir Rs 15000
19-Oct-09 Dr Md Amir Rs 10000
19-Oct-09 Zahid Ahmad Rs 19500
19-Oct-09 Rashida Bano Rs 3000
19-Oct-09 Naushad Ansari Rs 15000
18-Oct-09 Kauser Usman Rs 2000
08-Oct-09 Mir Md. Elias Mubeen Rs 1500
24-Sep-09 Z Mohamed Ziauddin Rs 15000
22-Sep-09 Z Ahmad Rs 18500
21-Sep-09 Inayatullah Khan Rs 10000
21-Sep-09 Hemant Kumar Sharma Rs 10000
21-Sep-09 Asif Baig Rs 700
21-Sep-09 Imran Umar Rs 100000
21-Sep-09 Muneerahmed Tahashildar Rs 2000
17-Sep-09 Mahmood Hussain Rs 3250
17-Sep-09 Furqan Ahmad Rs 1000
15-Sep-09 Mohammed Imran Basha Rs 1000
15-Sep-09 Mohammed Rafeeq Rs 12463
14-Sep-09 Dr. Mohamed Firoze Ahamed Rs 29136
14-Sep-09 Maqbul Husain Mir Esq. Rs 1500
14-Sep-09 M. Bahauddin Rs 1000
14-Sep-09 Ms S. Khumurunnisa Rs 5000
14-Sep-09 Sadik H. Siddiqui Rs 5000
13-Sep-09 Prof. MRK Nadwi Rs 10000
11-Sep-09 Mrs Shaheen Siddiqui Rs 750
9-Sep-09 Sarfaraz Ahmad Rs 200
8-Sep-09 A. Ameer Raza Khan Rs 1000
8-Sep-09 MS Sabu Rs 12000
7-Sep-09 Ms Bibi Nazimah Bhugaloo Rs 2900
7-Sep-09 Nazeer A Bhugaloo Rs 4447
7-Sep-09 Abdul Rashid Bhugaloo Rs 7000
7-Sep-09 Ziaul Hasan Usmani Rs 10000
05-Sep-09 Mohammad Rafiq Rs 3000
05-Sep-09 Shafi A Ahmed Rs 325
05-Sep-09 Dr. A. G. Khan Rs 3000
05-Sep-09 Aateka Rs 40000
04-Sep-09 Shamsul Islam Rs 1000
04-Sep-09 YY Rs 20000
02-Sep-09 Mohammed Iqbal Rs 5000
01-Sep-09 Mrs K B Amni Rs 5000
01-Sep-09 Umar Farooque Rs 4000
01-Sep-09 Mohamed Anwar Rs 4000
01-Sep-09 Adeel Mahmood Rs 2500
27-Aug-09 Ismail Y Moolla Rs 12000
21-Aug-09 Md. Ilyas Ahmed Rs 1000
09-Aug-09 Hari Prasath. M Rs 200
08-Aug-09 Shamsul Islam Rs 1000
08-Aug-09 Abdur Rasheed Qureshi Rs 2000
08-Aug-09 Farzana Ahmad Rs 10000
08-Aug-09 Zahid Ahmad Rs 10000
08-Aug-09 Sabiha Khan Rs 10000
07-Aug-09 Shamsul Islam Rs 10000
01-Aug-09 Husainali Dharamsi  Rs 5000
27-July-09 A. H. Ansari Rs 5000
27-July-09 Dr. Nadheer M. Habeebulla Rs 500
26-July-09 Ameen-e-Mudassar Rs 2050
26-July-09 Naved Ahmad Rs 5000
26-July-09 Khatri Mohamed Sidik Doud Rs 5000
25-July-09 Abdul Aleem Khazi Rs 5000
24-July-09 Mohamed Ashraf Mohamedy Rs 10000
23-July-09 Mrs S Mojumder Rs 5000
20-July-09 Mr S.A. Zaman Rs 5000
18-July-09 Mr Habibullah Badsha Rs 2000
17-July-09 Mr MZ Chida Rs 50000
14-July-09 Adeel Mahmood Rs 1000
18-May-09 Syed Shahabuddin Rs 1000
Hari Prasath. M Rs 300
M. K. Multani Rs 10000
Zubair Alam Rs 5000
Suhaib Mohammed Rs 15000
Asea Qureshi Rs 15000
Nilofar Waris Rs 15000
Waris Qureshi Rs 15000
Irshad Qureshi Rs 15000
M. M. Qadri Rs 10000
Irfan Khan Rs 15000
02-Apr-09 Hari Prasath. M Rs 400

Below are donations recd before the financial year 2009-10

Mohd Ali Rs 17,000
Habiba Khan Rs 15,000
Zafarul-Islam Khan Rs 15,000
Aateka Khan Rs 19,000
Aamena Khan Rs 19,000
Adeel Mahmood Rs 3000
Malik Tase Rs 2000
Zahid Ahmad Rs 19,800
N. Ahmad Rs 10,000
Saira Afroz Rs 5,000
Mirza Yawar Baig Rs 600
Hisham Rs 10,000
Ameen-e-Mudassar Rs 2,250
Abdul Ghani Lalla Rs 2,000
Zafarul-Islam Khan Rs 15,000
M. Zahid Rs 19,400
Asma Ansari Rs 10,000
Nadheer M. Habeebulla Rs 2230
Ali Nihal Rs 1000
Naved Ahmad Rs 7200
Zafarul Islam Islahi Rs 5000
Adeel Mahmood Rs 1000
Aamena Khan Rs 15000
Aateka Khan Rs 10000
M/s The Milli Gazette Rs 240
S Amir Rs 15000
Mohammad Zaki Ansari Rs 10000
Z Ahmad Rs 19800
Adeek Mahmood Rs 2000
Mirza Arif Baig Rs 1500
M/s. Darul Islam Foundation Rs 20000
Zahid Ahmad Rs 19400
Ashraful Islam (Bakul) Rs 1000
Saleem Shaikh Rs 1000
M. Bahauddin Rs 500
S Khumurunnisa Rs 5000
Shozib Rs 8000
Nazir B Rs 4729
Mohammad Ameen Rs 2000
Dr. A.G. Khan Rs 3000
Naved Ahmad Rs 2000
Usman Zaman Rs 15000
Imran Umar Rs 70000
MS Sabu Rs 12000
Mohamed Kaleem Shaji Rs 2000
Aniz Mundoli Rs 1000
Imran Zaidi Rs 8000
Safia Amir Rs 6000
Furqan Ahmad Rs 1000
Naushad Ansari Rs 5000
Ruby Nishat Rs 5000
Prof. MRK Nadwi Rs 10000
YY Rs 10000
Ismail Y Moolla Rs 10000
Mohamed Firoze Ahamed Rs 25000
Said K. Rs 8700
Khatri Mohamed Sidik Doud Rs 9704
Safia Amir Rs 15000
Saeed Noorgat Rs 1000
Saida Ahmad Rs 1000
Adeel Mahmood Rs 2000
National Information & Welfare Trust Rs 5000
M. S. Sabu Rs 10000
S.A. Zaman Adv Rs 5000
Adeel Mahmood Rs 1000


Maqsood Ahmed Rs 1000
Shabbir Hasan Rs 15000
Hari Prasath. M Rs 400
Amir Mustafa Rs 1000
Jasmin K Rs 2000
Mohd. Adil Rs 14500
Usman Zaman Rs 4000
Abbasur- Rahman Rs 17500
Hari Prasath. M Rs 300
Waseem Khan Rs 18000
Mohammed Rafeeq Rs 18162
Adil Nomani Rs 200
Hari Prasath. M Rs 200
Z. A. Mansoorie Rs 1000
Prof. M.R.K. Nadwi Rs 10000
M.H. Rahman Rs 1000
Abdul Gahani Lulla Rs 880
Hisham Ahmad Rs 5000
Ameer Mohideen Rs 500
Maqbul Husain Mir Rs 2000
Bashirabi Rs 3000
Mohamed A M Ibrahim Rs 1000
Sabiha Rs 18000
Husain Ali H. Dharamsi Rs 1000
M.Z. Chida Rs 100000
Dr. M. A. & S. Mojumder Rs 2000
Khatsi Mohmedsidik D Rs 5000
M/s Maschmeijer Aromatics (India) Pvt. Ltd. Rs 5000
Matin Ahmad Rs 500
Zahid Ahmad Rs 17400
M Shahid Khan Rs 5000
M/s Goodword Books Pvt. Ltd. Rs 10000
Md. Hasnain Yosuf Rs 1000
Shahla Nazneen Adv. Rs 3000
A. H. Ansari Rs 200
Ismail Y. Moola Rs 5000
Asraful Islam (Bakul) Rs 500
S. Iqbal Rs 17000
Gholam Mohammad Rs 100
Zahid Ahmad Rs 19100
Ateka Khan Rs 5000
M Rovin Rs 9800
Z Ahmad Rs 18500
Mazin Khan Rs 2000
Nazeer A.B. Rs 3603
Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan Rs 2000
IK Shukla Rs 1450
Shahbaz Ansari Rs 5000
M/s Darul Islam Foundation Trust Rs 10000
Aateka Khan Rs 3000
Tausif Mirza Rs 500
Saira Afroz Rs 2000
S Mojumder Rs 2000
Usman Zaman Rs 15000
Mohamed Kaleem Shaji Rs 2500
J Md. Abdul Hakeem Rs 1000
JAM Abdul Kader Rs 2000
Shozib Anis Rs 5000
Munir Nawab Sayed Rs 435000
Ms. Dilshad Bano Falahi Rs 500
MS Sabu Rs 10000
Ramazan Ibrahim Rs 100
Furqan Ahmad Rs 2377
Z H Usmani Rs 10000
M Naushad Ansari Rs 10000
Zahid Ahmad Rs 18000
Dr. AG Khan Rs 2000
Syed Shahabuddin Rs 1000
Dr. Safia Amir Rs 8000
Ms. Farzana Ahmad Rs 3000
Mr. DGR Pawar Rs 816
Mrs. Saida Ahmad Rs 1000
Dr. Safia Amir Rs 500
Mr. Maaz Ahmad Rs 2500
Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood Rs 5000
Mrs. Farhan Reza Rs 882
Mohammed Azam Ansari Rs 10000
Imran Qasam Kacchi Rs 200
Aateka Khan Rs 10000
Mr. Mohamed Kaleem Shaji Rs 2000
Ms. Saida Ahmad Rs 3000
Neelam Mirza Rs 3000
Ali Nihal Rs 780
Prof. Masoodul Hasan Rs 400
Mr. Zahid Ahmad Rs 72000
Ms. Shahma Furqan Rs 1000
Mr. Malik Tase Rs 1000
Mr. Ghulam Nabi Hagroo Rs 300
Mr. Fazal Mohhad Momin Rs 10000
Ms. Asma Ansari Rs 1500
Ms. Farzana Ahmad Rs 2000
Mr. Asraful Islam (Bakul) Rs 500
Mr. Z H Usmani Rs 10000
Asif Shaikh Rs 1000
Ms. Ghazala Nasreen Rs 500
Er. Yaminul Islam Khan Esq. Rs 10000
Mr. Rafeeq Kazi Rs 500
Mr. Abdul Hakeem Rs 2000
Mr. SP Haris Ali Seikh Rs 200
Aaliya Khan Rs 500
Faiz Faruqi Rs 5000
Mr. Shaafi A Ahmed Rs 325
Mr. JAM Abdul Kader Rs 1000
Aateka Khan Rs 15000
N. I. Khan Rs 15000
Zafar Ahmed Rs 10000
Mohammad Amir Rs 9000
Mr. Mohd. Ameer Shareef Rs 1000
Mr. Mohammed Adil Nomani Rs 1000
Mr. Osama Ali Rs 2395
Mr. M. Shahid Khan Rs 2000
Mr. Habibur Rahman Farooqui Rs 500
Mr. Masoodur Rahman Farooqui Rs 500
Dr Phiroz A Poonawalla Rs 1100
Mr. M Bahauddin Rs 200
Mrs. Khumrunnisa saheba Rs 5000
Mr. Syed Shahabuddin Rs 1000
Mrs. Habiba Azim Rs 9800
Mazin Khan Rs 3800
Dr. M Basha, PhD Rs 100
Mohammad Yunus Rs 100
Mr. Shafeeq Ahmed Rs 5000
Usman Zaman Rs 10000
Goodword Books Pvt. Ltd. Rs 11000
Mr. Nazeer Ahmad Bhagaloo Rs 2714
Mrs. Nazima Bhugaloo Rs 5428
Mr. Abdul Rashid Bhugaloo Rs 13570
Mr. Shozib Anis Rs 1000
Ms Irfana Parveen Rs 1000
M/s Maschmeijer Aromatic (I) P. Ltd. Rs 2500
M.Z. Chida Rs 25100
M Naushad Ansari Rs 10000
Mohammad Rafiq Rs 5000
K Md Feroz Irfan Rs 10000
Mohammed Idris Rs 5000
Mohamed Kaleem Shaji Rs 2000
Saira Afroz Rs 2000
Ms. Mohsina Rs 15000
Mr. Sagheer Bedaar Rs 100
Mr. Nazir AB Rs 2721
Dr. Kazim Rs 10050
Prof. Tahir Hussain Jafri Rs 501
Azmathulla Shariff Rs 500
Saida Ahmad Rs 2000
Islamic Quest Rs 20000
Yasir P. V. Rs 50
M Noushad Rs 500
Sajjadali Rajan Rs 150
Nazeer A B Rs 2,662
Zahid Ahmad Rs 40,000
Aateka Khan Rs 5000
Md Sharfuddin Ansari Rs 10,000 
Ruby Nishat Rs 15,000
PAM Ameen Rs 5,000
Sabiha Iqbal Khan Rs 10,000
MZ Chida Rs 25,100
Muslim Service Society Rs 43,690
Ahmad Jamal Arjmand Rs 1,080
A F Saiyyad Rs 30000
New Asian Construction Company Rs 50,000
Azim Sayed Rs 25,000
Qaiser Mujtaba Rs 5,000
Hilal Ahmad Rs 25,000
Shozib Anis Rs 500
Sarafaraaz Subaydaar Rs 10,750
Dr. M. Firoze Ahamed Rs 10,000
Syed Shahabuddin Rs 100,000 (on behalf of Dr KA Mallick) 
Furqan Ahmad Rs 1,000
Aateka Khan Rs 10,000
Naushad Ansari Rs 10,000
Dr. M. Firoze A Rs 20,125
Naved A Rs 5,000
Aisha K Rs 5,000
Er. Yaminul I Khan Rs 10,000
Saira Afroz Rs 2,000
Aftab Ahmed c/o Prof Mohd. Amir Rs 1,000
Prof Mohd. Amir Rs 4,000
Dr. A. G. Khan Rs 2,000
Dr. M. Firoze Ahamed Rs 50,000
Shahul Hameed A Rs 10,000
Dr. S.M. Reza Ali Khan Rs 500
Awaiz Patni Rs 11,625
Hasanali A. Jiwani Rs 1,000
Mohamed K Shaji Rs 500
Zulfiquar Ali Khan Rs 5,000
Md. Hasibor Rahaman Rs 500
Indu K Shukla Rs 2,500
Sabiha Khan Rs 30,000
Mohammed Adil Nomani Rs 1,000
Zulfiquar Ali Khan Rs 2,000
Tahir HS Shaikh Rs 5,000
AFMI - Gujarat  Rs 1,00,000
Dr Mohammad Nahid Siddiqui Rs 10,000
Shams Kazi Rs 100
Shafi A Ahmed Rs 125
PAM Ameen Rs 2,000
Ms Rahma M F Rs 1,500
Dr E Kazim Rs 10,000
M Zafarulla Rs 25,000
Badruddin R Gowani Rs 2,200
Indu Kant Shukla Rs 1,100
S H. Shiddiqui Rs 5,000
Shaukat Ali Khan Rs 2,000
Goodword Books Pvt Ltd Rs 3,000
Niyaz Ahmed M. Educational & Welfare Trust Rs 1,00,000
A Furqan Rs 1,500
Mrs & Mr Haji Abdul Lathif Rs 5,333
Dr. M. Firoze Ahamed Rs 10,333
Sabiha Iqbal Khan Rs 10,200
Aateka Khan Rs 4,500
Mohammad Amir Rs 1,500
Zahid Ahmad Rs 19,000
Farzana Ahmad Rs 4,000
M Naushad Ansari Rs 5,000
Dr. K Mallick Rs 15,000
Dr. A. G. Khan Rs 2,000
Aisha Khan Rs 10,000
Dr. Abul H. Farooqi Rs 5,000
The Milli Gazette Rs 20,000
Zafarul-Islam Khan Rs 20,000



Quds Appeal

Sarfraz Ahmad Rs 250
Mir Elias Mubeen Rs 1000
Dr. K Yusuf Saleem Khan Rs 30000
Mr. Yasin Aezaz Rs 1000
Mr. Asad Ali Rs 5000
Ms Razia Mahboob Rs 7360
Mr. Aminul-Inam Rs 10000
H.M.A. Azeez Rs 3500
Javed Akhter Ansari Rs 500
Mr. Abdul Ghani Lalla Rs 500
S. Shafeeullah Rs 7062
Ar-Rifah Charitable Trust Rs 5000
Mr. Mohammed Yahya Rs 1000
Mr. Begum-bi Mohd. Saheb Rs 500
Mr. Naeem AH Ansari Rs 500
Mr. Mohd. Sharif A. Rahman Rs 1000
Mr. Mohd. Aarif A. Rehman Rs 1000
Mr. Umar Farooque, Rs 500
Maqbul Husain Mir Esq Rs 2000
Mr Naved Ahmad Rs 15000
Mr. Mohd. Ameer Shareef Rs 1000
Ms Dilshad Falahi Rs 500
M.A. Ilyas Rs 500
Ejaz A. Islam Rs 100
Saiyid Hamid Rs 5000
Dr. MA Basit Rs 500
Mubin Helarkar Rs 500
Dr. Ghazala Javed Rs 5000
Mohammed Yahya Rs 5000
Mr Maqsood Ahmad Rs 5000
Mr AH Ansari Rs 1000
Md Zainul Abideen Mansoori Rs 3000
Mr Awais Patni Rs 36132
Mr Furqan Rs 1000
Dr A. G. Khan Rs 2000
Mrs S.S. Kanchwala Rs 1500
Dr A. G. Khan Rs 1500
Mr JAM Abdul Kader Rs 1500
Print India Press Rs 5000
Ms Neelima Sharma Rs 5000
Mr MH Ansari Rs 2000
Ms Bashira Shaikh Rs 1000
Mr Mohammad Ibrahim Ansari Rs 5000
Prof. MRK Nadwi Rs 10000
Mr Moiz Khan Rs 1000
Mr Zafar Ahmad Rs 500
Mr Akbar Ahmad Rs 10000
Mr Zafar Ahmad Rs 10000
Mrs Farzana Ahmad Rs 10000
Mr Abdul Mannan Rs 100
Mr Dildar Shaikh Rs 1000
Mrs Lubna Himayat Rs 1000
Mr M Hashim Khan Rs 2000
Mr M Akbar Advocate Rs 3000
Mr M Bahauddin Rs 100
Mr Yaqub Patel Rs 500
Mr GS Md Haneef Shazuli Rs 10000
Mr Faruk Memon Rs 1000
Mr S Shafeeullah Rs 12045
Mr M Iqbal TV Rs 2000
Mr ST Haris A Sheik Rs 100
Mr ST Haris A Sheik Rs 200
Mr A. Mohamed Shaheen Rs 4000
Mr. Shabbir Hasan Rs 10000
Mr. MM Hamed Rs 1000
Haji Mohd. Mufid Khan Rs 5000
Mr AR Qureshi Rs 5000
Mr. Syed Nazir Ali Rs 1000
Mr M. Ilyas A Rs 3000
Mr M Anwar Rs 10000
Mr PAM Ameen Rs 11500
Mr SM Saiyed Rs 3400
Mr Shah Abdul Wahab Harun Rashid Rs 10000
Mr Naushad A Rs 5000
Mr Abdur Rasheed P Rs 200
M Hashim Bibi P Rs 500
Mr Chowdhary Husain Ali Punjabi Rs 500
Mr Ghulam Ali P Rs 1000
Mr Habibullah Badsha Rs 5,000
Mr Meraj A Rs 500
Mr Khatsi Mohmedsidik D Rs 3000
Mr Husain Ali Rs 1000
Mr M Aftab Ali Rs 6500
Mr Syed Shahabuddin Rs 5000
Dr MP Abu Baker Rs 10000
Ms S. Khumurunnisa Rs 20000
Mr Shah Mohd Aslam Rs 500
Mr Syed Iftikhar G Rs 5000
Mr Abdur R Agwan Rs 2000
M. Bahauddin Rs 100
Dr. A. G. Khan Rs 2000
Dr M Basha Rs 100
Mr Shafeeq A Rs 10000
Mr M Idris Ahmed Rs 2000
Mr A Jabbar Suhail Rs 2500
Mr Mahboobur R Farooqi Rs 1000
Mr M Ahsan A Rs 5000
Mr M Noushad Rs 400
Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan Rs 10000




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