Charity Alliance is a registered trust and does relief and welfare work in India

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Afsaruzaman wrote to us:  "May Allah reward U all for the excellent work. Jazakumullah Khair."




Q. I was looking to donate and returned back to the website to see the options to donate but couldn't get any options for donating the amount for specifically this cause, for example for Muzaffarnagar relief work
A. In the online donation through our website you can mention instructions on how to use the donation later in the interface. A screenshot is pasted below. One can email also to inform us about how and where to use your donation.

Q. Kindly send me your bank account details to enable me to remit my Zakath via EFT. I bank with ICICI Bank, Bangalore?
A. You need to email us at for our account details.

Q. Why dont you put your bank account details on your website? 
A. Earlier we had made our bank account number public, but then people deposited donations but do not inform us. This way we do not know who donated. Source of donation has to be known. Unnamed/Anonymous donations are taxable and problematic for audit/accounting of trusts/NGOs.

Q. I donated to your charity Rs.4000 Zakat, I want to know how can I get the 80g tax exemption certificate from you? 
A. Your receipt has required information. Next financial year when you are getting your IT return filed (generally around July), you will need the details in the receipt. Please contact your Chartered Accountant for more details.

Q. Regarding contribution to XYZ riot victims, on charity alliance, how will they come to know that the contribution of this cause and not for any other ongoing projects? 
A. Once you click the pay & finish button in the "shopping cart" there is a "Special Instructions" section on the page where you need to fill you Billing details. You may mention there it is for XYZ victims only or as you would like the donation to be used.

Q. Can you keep my donation anonymous?
A. Yes, but if any government agency (generally Income Tax Deptt) asks for list of donors we have to submit accordingly.

Q. Is this organization associated with any other organization or works with any larger organisation?
A. We are not "associated" with any organisation per se. But as have presence of staff in Delhi and West Bengal's Murshidabad, when we have to work in other areas, for example Assam, we channels relief funds through a reliable & trustworthy local organisation.

Q. What is the use of bank interest in your organisation. Is it approved use by ulema?
A. Yes, but as ulemas differ in their opinion, let us know if you want any specific use.

Q. I read that you guys only accept Indian entities as charity donors in your site. I am from New Zealand and I am not an Indian citizen, however, I would still like to use your site to donate a Qurbani, would that be ok?
A. Yes, as we have not sought permission from authorities to accept funds from non-Indians. You will have to look for an Indian passport holder friend to make a payment on your behalf.

Q. Do u accept fidya for per poor Rs.20/- for 30 days?
A. Yes. But, how did you calculate fidya at Rs 20? You need to add the cost of cooking a that meal, like add cost of oil, spices, salads if used, cooking gas, etc, as you are supposed to feed the poor a cooked meal. Rs 30-50 a meal will be an average meal. But of course, you know better. And if you are not sure you are calculating it correctly ask your neighbour. Allah knows what is in our heart, so there is no problem whatsoever in which amount you think is correct for Fidya.

Q. Why does Charity Alliance prefer Debit Cards to Credit Cards or Netbanking?
A. If you are using our website to pay online debit cards are the best with least processing fees. Processing fees is listed here (we have privilege account with them)

Best is using Transfers directly into our bank account. Email us for our account details.

Q. Is there a way I can add Charity Alliance as a biller to my net banking account?
A. Once you add us as a "Beneficiary" in your netbanking account of your bank, it is as good as being a "biller". Its just that we wont be sending any bills. Technically that's being a "payee". Whenever you feel like donating you login to your netbanking account select us from the list of added beneficiaries and transfer the amount. The only thing is that you please ALWAYS inform us whenever you transfer anything.

Q.  I am trying to make a donation online and it says "Transaction Failure"?
A. As listed by CCAvenues there can be several reasons for this failure like Invalid Card Number / Expiry Date or Insufficient Funds. You may use a different card and also make sure that you enter your billing name & address exactly as they appear on your bank statement. Shipping address should be where your receipt/correspondence have to be sent.

Q. Why do I need to give a "shipping address"?
A. Online payments are processed that way. The payment processing company needs that. But dont worry, we would not be shipping any thing to you except your receipt! Shipping address should be your current address and Bill address should be as in the records of your bank.

Q. I am an NRI, can I send you money by Western Union?
A. Sorry, one can use Western Union for individual and not for organisations. Some NRI Some donors have informed us that UAE Exchange doesn't allow sending to NGO in compliance with RBI guidelines. For transferring donation, you will need to have an Netbanking enabled account with some India-based bank. Or you can pay online use a credit card. Our online credit card payments is SECURE, by highest security standards. We do not get to see any of your card details.

Q. I am an NRI, do I need to provide my PAN details?
A. PAN is not mandatory for NRIs. But it would be advisable to get yourself a PAN if you do not have one.




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