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Online Payment of Donation, Zakat India, Charity, Sadaqah 
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Online Payment of Donation, Zakat India, Charity, Sadaqah


Audited accounts financial Statements 2011-2012 

August, 2012

Dear Friend,

Assalamu 'alaikum,

In early 2005, news came almost daily about starvation deaths in some parts of West Bengal. The majority of these deaths were reported from around Jalangi, a part of Domkal subdivision of Murshidabad district. The Milli Gazette (MG) sent a reporter to check the matter on the ground. He confirmed the deaths, so the MG editor too rushed to assess the situation himself. The situation was grim and there were daily deaths in the area due to starvation caused by loss of acute poverty as a result of loss of agricultural land due to river erosion, while the state government and local administration looked the other way.

MG started an international campaign as well as approached the Supreme Court, national and West Bengal human rights commissions as well as minority panels at the Centre and the state. Little was achieved as the state was in denial mode (years later the WB state human rights commission put the blame on the district administration but did not punish it)… Details of these efforts can be seen on Charity Alliance website here.

MG work did not stop with this campaign. It at once started weekly ration distribution among over 365 persons in the area after a field survey. To formalise this work, a trust called Charity Alliance was registered at Delhi same year. The ration distribution continued for years and was stopped only some months ago this year when Charity Alliance representatives in the area managed to get BPL status and Antodiya cards for these victims. Initially, many national and international organisations came to help, but only Charity Alliance remained in the area.

Soon Charity Alliance started giving educational aid to school-going students of the area. It also opened a vocational centre in 2008 to teach local people, especially women, useful skills like zardozi, embroidery and tailoring which are slowly changing the face of the area and empowering people.

At the insistence of the local people, in May 2009, Alliance School was started in a rented building with eight teaching and two non-teaching staff and 175 students from KG to standard III. The school is especially meant for the poor children of the river erosion-affected people of the area. The school has now progressed to class 6. Most of the expenses of this school are borne by Charity Alliance as parents are not able to pay appropriate fee to meet the costs of schooling. At present, this school has 16 teaching and four non-teaching staff and 360 students. One class is added each year. The school now runs in bamboo huts built on school’s own land (1.5 bigha+2 decimal). More land is being bought with the help of well-wishers so that the school may progress effortlessly to at least Class 12 (Intermediate or pre-University).

We are approaching you to help us construct proper pucca rooms for the school as well as help in meeting the running cost of the school. The average cost of building one 400 sq. ft. classroom (according to the new govt norms) is around Indian Rs 400,000 (around US$ 8000). We will build slowly according to the available funds. The area has some of the most disadvantaged Muslims in India and this is the reason why Charity Alliance has not forsaken them after the initial help in the wake of the hunger deaths in 2005. For details of how to contribute please see here.

With warm regards,

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan
Chairman, Charity Alliance
Editor, The Milli Gazette

Charity Alliance audited account 2011-12 at a glance
(upto 31 March 2012) (All figures in Indian rupees)

Income & Expenditure Account for the year Ended 31-03-2012


 EXPENDITURE   31.03.2012  INCOME   31.03.2012
 To Food Aid          14,040      
       By Donation       968,749
       By Zakat         455,040
 To Educational Aid          16,975  By Food Relief         39,025
 To Collection Charges-CC Avenue        18,519  By School Student Fee       124,291
 To Bank Charges               687  By Murshidabad - Relief                51
 To Annual CC Ave. Software Charges          2,647    
 To Murshidabad Office Expenses    By Bank Interest         11,103
Ration Aid        110,000      
Food Aid            8,423    
Postage & Courier Exp                 78    
Cartage & Labour            2,500      
Stationery & Printing                 56      
Salary        63,000      
 To Murshidabad Vocational Training Centre        
Salary Exp.          34,500      
Trainees welfare&refreshment          1,200      
 To Murshidabad - Alliance School        
Construction expenses        99,050      
Functions/ Events          25,617      
Labour Charges          35,000      
Misc. expenses            3,630      
Printing & publishing        58,824      
Repair & maintenance          6,000      
Teachers/staff remuneration      473,550      
 To Audit Fees              5,000      
To Excess of Income        618,961      
over Expenditure          
        1,598,258       1,598,258

Balance Sheet As on 31-March-2012

Liabilities     As on Assets As on
31.03.2012 31.03.2012
Corpus Fund            5,000  Fixed Assets   
         Opening WDV       420,397  
         Add: Addition during year       200,072      620,469
Reserves & Surplus          
Opening Balance      530,058   CURRENT ASSETS  
Add: Surplus      618,961        
Less: Deficit during year                -     1,149,019  Loans & Advances   
         TDS             2,852
Sundry Creditors          54,948    
         C C Avenue           1,000
         Sundary Debtors   
         Mohd. Umar Sharif           5,000
         Umar Farooque           2,000
Expenses Payable      Cash in Hand & Bank   
Audit Fee Payable            5,000  Cash-in-Hand         29,306
         Bank Accounts   
         HDFC Bank Ltd       541,652
         ICICI Bank         11,688
        1,213,967       1,213,967


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