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Online Payment of Donation, Zakat India, Charity, Sadaqah 
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Online Payment of Donation, Zakat India, Charity, Sadaqah


Audited accounts financial Statements 2008-2009 

September 16, 2009

Assalamu 'alaikum,

We hope you are fine and that your in the best of health and Islamic spirit during this holy month of Ramadan.

We should like to share a report published in The Statesman last week about our activities in Murshidabad, West Bengal.

:: The Statesman (Kolkata) reports on our Alliance School Project  5 Sep 2009

:: Charity Alliance sets an example

:: Charity Alliance rekindling hope among the hopeless in Murshidabad

In May 2009, we have started Alliance School in an impoverished area of Murshidabad and this has raised our monthly expenses considerably. During the month of Ramadan we used to collect enough donations to keep our projects running throughout the year. But now unless we receive more generous contributors to be able to carry out the existing Food and Medical Relief programmes throughout the year as well as to keep Alliance School running.

Once again, I thank you very much for your kind support to our mission to take care of some of the most disadvantaged sections of our community through extending food and medical relief and offering educational opportunities to children who otherwise would not enter a school.

Your continued support is very much appreciated and needed in order to continue and broaden the sphere of this effort in other areas. Your donations to us are Tax exempted u/s 80G.

With warm regards,

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan
Chairman, Charity Alliance
Editor, The Milli Gazette (

Charity Alliance audited account 2008-09 at a glance
(upto 31 March 2009) (All figures in Indian rupees)

Income & Expenditure Account for the year Ended 31-03-2009

To Medical Aid 6800.00   By Donation   491120.00
To Clamity Relief 11000.00   By Zakat   194629.00
To Food -Aid 8550.00   By Sadaqah   13704.00
To Postage Exp 784.00        
To Educational Aid 72350.00 99484.00      
      By Interest On FDR 11689.00
:- Murshidabad -Aid     By Bank Interest 5887.37
To Cartage & Labor   7480.00      
To Education -Aid   46686.00      
To Medical -Aid   29666.00      
To Phone & Fax & Courier   711.00      
To Ration -Aid   320017.00 By Net Loss   567.77
To Refreshment Exp.   1853.00      
To Salary Exp.   29000.00      
To Stationery & Printing   2687.50      
To Tour & Conveyance Exp. 783.00      
:-Murshidabad Vocational Training Centre        
To Cartge Labor Service   1680.00      
To Printing Publishing   1270.00      
To Rent Account   10850.00      
To Salary Exp.   90000.00      
To Trainees welfare & refreshment 48965.00      
To Training consumable   7012.00      
To Travel Expenses   965.00      
:- Indirect Expenses          
To Audit Fee   7500.00      
To Collection Charges-CC Avenue 5408.64      
To Depreciation Account   3936.00      
To Web Site Charges   1643.00      
    717597.14     717597.14


Balance Sheet As on 31-March-2009

Liabilities     Amount Assets   Amount
Corpus Fund     Fixed Assets    
Opening Balance 5000.00   Furniture & Fixture 2410.00  
    5000.00 Less:Depriciation10% 201.00 2209.00
      Machinery Account 24900.00  
      Less:Depriciation15% 3735.00 21165.00
Surplus of Income over Expenditure        
Opeing Balance 358660.42   Advances    
Less:-Deficit.During Year 567.77 358092.65 Fixed Deposit   144732.00
      TDS   2852.00
Expenses Payable     Advance to staff    
Professional Fee Payable   7500.00 Mr. Golam Kibirya   8064.55
      Silicon   1557.00
      CC Avenue   1000.36
      Cash in Hand & Bank    
      Cash-in-Hand   5804.50
      Cash at Bank    
      Bank Account    
      HDFC Bank Ltd-38   155240.30
      ICICI Bank   27967.94
    370592.65     370592.65


Your continued support is very much needed to continue and broaden the sphere of this effort. You may send your contributions....  To Donate click here now

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