Charity Alliance is a registered trust and does relief and welfare work in India

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Online Payment of Donation, Zakat India, Charity, Sadaqah 
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Online Payment of Donation, Zakat India, Charity, Sadaqah


Audited accounts financial Statements 2007-2008 

October 2008

Dear Contributors,

Thank you very much for your kind response and support to our mission to take care of some of the most disadvantaged sections of our community through extending food and medical relief where starvation deaths are taking place and offering education opportunities to children who otherwise would not enter a school. Charity Alliance, a registered trust, is active in a number of initiatives within India to help the most disadvantaged sections of our community and society.

Charity Alliance is very conscious to use every penny of your donation to help some of those who are really poor in our society.

Our work in Murshidabad in West Bengal continues without any break, alhamdulillah. We have been supporting families in the hunger belt in Murshidabad with Food, Medical and Educational support throughout the year, ever since we have started our work in 2005. Thanks to your support a vocational training setup has also started there from this year.

Education assistance has been provided to poor students in Unchegaon (U.P.) and Sitapur (U.P.) as well. A medical camp was sponsored in Faizabad (U.P.).

Thanks to the administrative and media support by The Milli Gazette, almost every paisa of your support reaches the beneficiaries.

Apart from Murshidabad, where we have to keep a paid worker, here in Delhi all work is done by The Milli Gazette staff free of cost and all advertisements in The Milli Gazette are also totally free. In this way, we can claim that Charity Alliance puts every penny of yours to maximum utilisation.
We hope that your support will continue for this charitable effort. Our own community has to do a lot to take care of its disadvantaged sections who have a right to receive your zakat, sadaqat and charity.

Charity Alliance

Charity Alliance audited account 2007-08 at a glance
(upto 31 March 2008) (All figures in Indian rupees)

Income & Expenditure Account for the year Ended 31-03-2008

EXPENDITURE   Amount   INCOME   Amount
To Ration -Aid 47298.00     By Donation   330207.00
To Medical Aid 22292.00     By Zakat   125003.03
To Aid For Infrastructure  10000.00     By Sadaqah   20162.00
To Educational Aid 69265.00 148855.00   By Quds Appeal 250.00
:- Murshidabad -Aid            
To Cartage & Labor   9450.00   By Interest On FDR 2292.00
To Education -Aid   23804.50   By Bank Interest 5165.88
To Medical -Aid   33577.00        
To Education -Aid Vocational Training 50000.00        
To Miscellaneous Exp.   1020.00        
To Financial -Aid   10330.00        
To Phone & Fax & Courier   679.50        
To Ration -Aid   275320.00   By Net Loss   112703.95
To Refreshment Exp.   1142.00        
To Salary Exp.   24000.00        
To Stationery & Printing   2390.50        
To Tour & Conveyance Exp. 1448.00        
:- Indirect Expenses            
To Audit Fee   7500.00        
To Bank Charges   112.36        
To Collection Charges-CC Avenue 2974.00        
To Postage Exp   1582.00        
To Web Site Charges   1599.00        
    595783.86       595783.86


Balance Sheet As on 31-March-2008

Liabilities     Amount   Assets   Amount
Corpus Fund       Advances    
Opening Balance 1000.00     Fixed Deposit   134368.00
Add: Addition during the  4000.00 5000.00   TDS   1527.00
Year         Advance to staff  
Surplus of Income over Expenditure     Mr. Golam Kibirya -19897.95
Opeing Balance 471364.37          
Less:-Deficit.During Year 112703.95 358660.42   CC Avenue   3174.00
Expenses Payable            
Professional Fee Payable   7500.00        
        Cash in Hand & Bank  
        Cash-in-Hand 1086.50
        Cash at Bank    
        Bank Account    
        HDFC Bank Ltd-38 220114.17
        HDFC Bank Ltd-55 2820.76
        ICICI Bank   27967.94
    371160.42       371160.42


Your continued support is very much needed to continue and broaden the sphere of this effort. You may send your contributions....  To Donate click here now

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