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Our work

- Murshidabad Food relief
- Murshidabad Education relief
- Murshidabad Medical relief
- Alliance School
- Vocational Training (Zari and Embroidery)


(Please see Documents page for annual reports and audited financial statements)



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28.June.2016 -   Food relief distribution Murshidabad 2016
Food relief distribution by Charity Alliance in poverty ridden Murshidabad Area in West Bengal on 28 June 2016


25.June.2016 -   Food relief distribution Faridabad 2016
Food relief distribution by Charity Alliance to Rohingya Refugees in Faridabad on 25 June 2016.  Click for Photos on Google or  facebook

25.June.2016 -   Food relief distribution Mathura 2016
Food relief distribution by Charity Alliance to Rohingya Refugees in Mathura on 25 June 2016. 
Click for Photos on Google or facebook



25.June.2016 -   Ramadan food aid will be distributed shortly in Faridabad, Mathura and Murshidabad. JazakAllah for your contributions. May Allah accept it.  Photos here.


14.June.2016 -   Alliance Colony for Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims. Click here for pictures.



Qurbani in India – 2015 – Order Online Now

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1.July.2015 -   We appeal to to you to come forward to help us build pucca rooms for Alliance School Murshidabad.

1.Mar.2015 -   We appeal to to you to come forward to make this project possible.
Though we have land for 60 self-contained small houses but we have been able to make 32 house and sanitation work
remains in all of them. Please contribute towards this.

26.Dec.2014 Construction of Homes for Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims, Status as on 20 December 2014

9.Nov.2014 A Kashmir floods affected elderly women receives a food kit and a blanket in Srinagar. The food kits and blankets were distributed among more than fifty families. Charity Alliance, New Delhi has been coordinating with at the office of Islamic Relief & Research Trust, Kashmir to help the flood hit families.

2.Nov.2014 Construction of Homes for Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims — Roof being laid

19.Oct.2014 Blankets for Flood relief work in Kashmir reached Srinagar from Ludhiana along with Soch AMU Alumni NGO

4.Oct.2014 Rs 50000 towards Flood relief work in Assam

28.Sep.2014 3rd Lot of Medical supplies for Kashmir Flood victims reached Srinagar, today. We had sent:
Inj. Tetanus Toxoid
Inj. Diclo
Inj. Hyoscine Butyle
Tab Augmentin [Amox+Clav] 625mg
Tab [Levocet+Montelukast]
Tab. Fluconazole 150mg
Tab Ex-DMR
Tab. JP-Cold
Tab Tramadol
Tab Ondansetron
Tab Cadfol-Z(Fe+Folic Acid)
Tab Calcium+D3
Tab Deriphylline 300mg
Tab Atobiz (Multivitamin)
Syp. Benadryl
Syp. Diagene
Syp Fexim-O Cefixime [Kids]
SYp Paracetamol [Paediatric]
Fourderm Anti back+Antifungal
Omnigel Pain relief gel
Tab Telmisartan 20mg
Tab Amlodipine 5mg
Syringes 3ml
Syringes 5ml
Telma 40
Telma AM

25.Sep.2014  Qurbani in Kashmir: Our people in Kashmir are discouraging Qurbani as they say that Qurbani might become a cause for spread of infection and that they will prefer that amount be donated for relief instead. Quran says in Surah Al-Hajj: "Their meat will not reach Allah , nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is piety from you. Thus have We subjected them to you that you may glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and give good tidings to the doers of good." (22:37)
To fulfil the obligation of Qurbani, you may do a share in a big animal and donate rest for brothers in Kashmir and Assam (Assam is also flood affect)

24.Sep.2014 Medical supplies for Kashmir Flood victims reached Srinagar, Alhamdulillah. Anti-biotics, Anti-depressants, Vaccines (Tetanus, Typhoid, Rabies), Insulin, Surgical supplies, Chlorine sachets, Baby and Adult diapers, Sanitary pads. Next we plan to help arrange temporary shelters, clothing, blankets, Towels, Buckets, Cooking Utensils, Gas Stoves, Gas Cylinders, Kangris (Fire Pots), Rice, Sugar, Cooking Oil. Then next would be arranging tools and equipment for reinstating means of livelihood.

29.Aug.2014 Construction of Homes for Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims — Work in progress


27.July.2014 Food packet distrubtion during Ramadan.


6.July.2014 Medical Camp for Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims, Dr Syed Hafeez volunteered and sponsored the medicines for 90 families in Suneithi.

5.July.2014 Construction of Homes for Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims — Work in progress

10.June.2014 24-year-old IT Professional Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh Lynched in Pune, Charity Alliance gives Rs 10,000 to the family.

29.May.2014 Work in Progress, Land filling work to make the entire plot above the road level  by Charity Alliance

7.May.2014 Work in Progress, Construction of homes for
Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims (7th May 2014) by Charity Alliance






5.Feb.2014 We receive clothes collected in a Church for Muzaffarnagar Riot victims.

26.Jan.2014 Students receive study material at Shahpur Camp (Muzaffarnagar riot victims)

25.Jan.2014 Students receive study material at Kandhala Camp (Muzaffarnagar riot victims)

19.Jan.2014 Relief in Muzaffarnagar Camps — Loi all dug up, Rotan,  Malakpur and Kairana Town (A day after the rains, team from Delhi visits camps)

14.Jan.2014 Tools and equipment distributed to Muzaffarnagar Riot Affected

2.Jan.2014 Next Target: Muzaffarnagar Relief Camps — A NewClick report

Newsclick Production, December 29, 2013:   On the 27th of December, 2013 the riot victims in Loi relief camp in Muzaffarnagar district once again witnessed the heavy- handedness and insensitivity of the U.P government yet again. In the peak of the winter cold, the government is trying to evacuate the refugees in the camp. Around 10 tents in the camp were destroyed by a bulldozer early morning on 27th December. Ironically, most of the people being targeted are those who still haven't received any compensation from the state for the losses they suffered during the riots. Along with this the feature also looks at the fear among the riot victims in other relief camps.


1.Jan.2014 Join Protest in Delhi against eviction of riot victims

Join Protest demonstration against the forceful removal of all the camps from Muzaffarnagar and Shamli district in which over 80,000 riot-hit victims had taken shelter. Date: January 2, 2014 Time: 11:30 am Venue: U.P. Bhawan, 4, Sardar Patel Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021 [Organised by Jamia Students’ Solidarity Forum, Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association, ANHAD and other organisations]

30.Dec.2013 Land purchase for Muzaffarnagar riot victims

On 28 December 2013, by the Grace of Almighty, and support of donors, we were able to start the land registry at Kairana Tehsil. The land is slight more than 5 bighas and insha Allah we will be able house 80 families comfortably in it. Construction of huts in it will start once the transfer of title of property is completed. Depending on the amount of funds raised, we will look at what type and kind of dwellings we can afford to make for the riot victims.

30.Dec.2013 Alliance School Murshidabad gets provisional Certificate of Recognition

With great pleasure we inform you that West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has issued the one year provisional “No Objection Certificate” to Alliance School Murshidabad there by giving us a one year provisional CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION as an upper primary school (Class V to VIII). This provisional certificate lays down certain criteria which have to be met within a year. Alliance school in Murshidabad (West Bengal) needs your help to get pucca classroom for students and to be able to get permanent certificate of recognition. Please donate for this cause.

29.Dec.2013 Tools and equipment distributed to Muzaffarnagar Riot Affected




27.Dec.2013 Tools and equipment distributed to Muzaffarnagar Riot Affected




27.Dec.2013 Murshidabad needs your help

Alliance school in Murshidabad (West Bengal) needs your help to get pucca classroom for students and to be able to get recognised. Alliance School - run by Charity Alliance was founded in May 2009 - in a Muslim majority belt of West Bengal - which has unfortunately some of the most disadvantaged members of our community. The school is housed at on its own land but classrooms are of bamboo sheds.

27.Dec.2013  Corrugated tin sheets distributed

In April 2013 two Murshidabad villages (West Bengal) got gutted, 214 families became homeless. At that time we supported we were able to provide tin corrugated sheets to 50 families. In November 2013 we found that about 10 family need assistance.

19.Dec.2013 Muzaffarnagar update — need to move to the next step

On Thursday, 19 December, 2013, a Charity Alliance team distributed blankets, shawls, children’s wear, winter caps, kids shoes, ladies footwear, kids slippers, socks, ladies sweaters, thermal inners, and miscellaneous items donated in kind. The camps visited were:  Sunethi Camp 1 (Madrasa), Mansura Camp 1, Mansura Eidgah Camp, Tsang Camp and Rotan Camp.

Mansura Eidgah Camp
Mansura Eidgah Camp

The team found that in the wake of media attention, harsh Supreme Court criticism of the U.P. government, relief material has, alhamdulillah, poured in from all directions. Hence immediate relief material like blankets and warm clothes, has reached the refugees. As of now, there is no need for more blankets to be sent there in bulk. For small such needs, Charity Alliance people working through the Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims Coordination Committee will be alert and will provide the same.

Distribution starting in Sunethi Madrasa Camp

The need now is to move on to the next step of Rehabilitation and advocacy.  We have to make them self-reliant and help them become independent again. Living on privately-owned or government land (Gram Samaj and Forest Land), they can be forced to vacate anytime and until the victims feel secure, men folk will not be able to go out of the camps and work freely.

What is required in the next stage is:

  • Legal Aid for compensation and court proceedings to punish the guilty by following up FIRs and court cases;
  • Providing foldable beds to the refugees to save them from cold earth and to be used as benches to save their small belongings in case of rain which is fast approaching.
  • Sanitation – provision of toilets for men and women
  • Routine medical check-ups in the camps by teams of doctors going to each camp at least once a week;
  • Providing land by purchasing it and building weather-proof huts. The rains, expected within a week or two, blankets, mattresses, clothes and other  belonging will get ruined;
  • Equipment to skilled workers as without tools, victims have to work as simple labourers;
  • Getting all school-age children in the camps enrolled in nearby schools as well as opening up of schools near the camps and helping existing ones to add more classrooms and teachers and other infrastructure. One make-shift school teacher told the Charity Alliance team during this visit that children from camps nearby come to his school for a day or two and then stop. He said incentives like school-bags, stationary, sports stuff may help retain them;
  • Vocational training for the victims like carpentry, welding, electrical, fridge a/c, motor vehicle, generator, a/c, masonry, stone-cutting, tailoring etc.

On the left is the piece of land Charity Alliance intends to purchase for rehabilitation

On the left is the piece of land Charity Alliance intends to purchase for rehabilitation

During this visit, Charity Alliance has started the process of buying a piece of land measuring five bighas in Sunethi Akbarpur village of Shamli district. An advance has been paid and the deal will be completed, insha Allah, within a week. Thereafter, in addition to the basic infrastructure like toilets, septic tanks and drains, about 80 huts will be built and the same will be offered to the most deserving among the refugees. The land alone will cost around Rs 19 lakh including registration charges while each shed will cost at least Rs 5500 in addition to the cost of the required minimal infrastructure (see picture below). The Charity Alliance is also providing on a continuous basis tools to skilled workers and books and related material to students in camps.

Charity Alliance (Regd. Trust for relief and welfare in India)
D-84 Abul Fazal Enclave-I
Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi 110025


In a camp locals have contributed bricks to make some huts. Charity Alliance intends to make similar huts on the land once purchased.




14.Dec.2013 Muzaffarnagar Relief - Help us with buying land for the victims and then to make small huts for them.

7.Dec.2013 Muzaffarnagar Relief - Tools for Masons, Carpenters, Plumbers, Mobile Repair, Welders worth Rs 52760 supplied.

6.Dec.2013 Coordination office opened for Muzaffarnagar riot victims

New Delhi: The Coordination Committee for the Muzaffarnagar riot victims opened its office at Kairana, Distt. Shamli, to care, monitor, offer and coordinate relief to the victims of Muzaffarnagar, Shamli and Bhagpat riot victims of September 2013 who are lodged in over two dozen camps in the districts of Muzaffarnagar and Shamli.

Chairman of the Coordination Committee, Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan inaugurated the office located on Panipat Road, Opp. Satab Singh Market in Kairana town on Thursday, 5 December. The Coordination Committee is run by Charity Alliance in cooperation with Afkar India Foundation. Representatives of riot victims, dignitaries of the area and journalists were present on the occasion.

Dr. Khan, who heads Charity Alliance and the All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat, said this office will monitor, coordinate and offer relief to the needy people in the camps. It is also taking up the legal cases and is making sure that all school and college-going children in the camps are accommodated in local schools and colleges.

Dr Khan said the office will continue to function as long as it is needed and a better and convenient place will be found soon in the area for the office. The office is manned by Akram Akhtar 09897974647; Mohammad Anees 08755514102.

On the occasion, Dr. Khan distributed books and other related material and stationary to students of classes 7 to 12. He said that Charity Alliance has undertaken the responsibility of providing tools to all skilled and unskilled workers in camps like tailors, carpenters, stone-cutters, masons etc.

The Coordination Committee team is busy coordinating with district authorities to get all school and college-going students accepted in local schools and colleges. Charity Alliance has also announced that it will arrange transport for students who find admission at schools and colleges located at a distance from their camps.

In addition for offering clothes, duvets, mattresses, etc. to the riot victims, Charity Alliance is negotiating to buy land to settle some camp inmates who are at present camping on private or government lands which they will have to vacate soon.

Photos of this function are found here:


3.Dec.2013 Muzaffarnagar victims are dying by their droves: Shame for the Muslim community

Some fifteen thousand or so victims of Muzaffarnagar, Shamli and Baghpat anti-Muslim violence of September 2013 are still in camps braving the rising cold, shortage of food and lack of medical facilities. They mostly live in plastic tents while some are fortunate to have proper waterproof tents.

Though most of them are yet to re-start normal life in any sense of the word, they refuse to go back to their erstwhile homes in villages where they witnessed naked violence, rape, murder and arson by their Jat neighbours. They do not want to face that kind of violence again. Bereft of all help, official neglect and civic facilities, they, especially young children and elderly, are open to winter diseases. All are camping on government (forest department) or private land which they will soon have to leave.

Read this latest report in Hindustan Times about how on average one person is dying daily in these camps due to cold — a matter of utter shame for our community.

We appeal to you to rise to this occasion in any way possible:

* Provide wollen duvets and mattresses (Rs 900 per set);

* Provide water-proof tents (Rs 4500 per unit);

* Provide at least one family a 50 sq. yard plot of land to settle on it (Rs 35,000 per unit of 50 sq. yard);

* If you are a physician in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli or even in Aligarh and Delhi, volunteer your time once or twice a month to treat camp inmates (coordinate with us to organise medical camps);

* If you are a lawyer in the vicinity of Muzaffarnagar/Delhi, volunteer to take care of at a few cases.

Charity Alliance has been offering help on whatever scale possible since the violence broke out last September. I have visited the area four times since. We have just opened a coordination office in Kairana to coordinate relief and legal work and to guide where help is most needed. The office, Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims Coordination Committee, is situated on Panipat Road, Opp. Satab Singh Market, Mohalla Aalkalaa Kairana, Distt. Shamli-247774 and will be operational within the next few days. We are also negotiating to buy land in the area to allow the inmate to have a place of their own to rebuild their lives.

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan
Chairman, Charity Alliance (Regd Trust)

Dilshana Begum, 25, is also among the several grieving mothers who lost their child to cold. Dilshana’s five-month-old-son died five days ago in the Malakpur camp. (Raj K Raj/ HT Photo)




6.Nov.2013  Mushawarat delegation visits Muzaffarnagar


New Delhi, 6 November 2013: A high-level delegation of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, visited several camps in Kandhla, Shahpur and Sunaithi areas in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts to assess the situation of the riot victims who are still stranded in camps. The delegation consisted of Mushawarat President Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan and a leading member Maulana Ataur Rahman Qasmi and included two journalists and a social worker. This was the third such visit by a Mushawarat delegation since the anti-Muslim violence erupted in Muzaffarnagar, Shamli and Baghpat districts of western Uttar Pradesh last September. According to a Jamaat-e Islami Hind survey, 115 persons were killed during these riots – out of which 97 were Muslims. Intermittent cases of murder and attacks on Muslims continue in the area even now.

The delegation visited camps in Kandhla, Kairana and Shamli where it assessed the ground situation and the needs of the stranded and uprooted Muslims who were made homeless by sectarian violence since 7 September when pro-BJP Jats unleashed unprovoked violence against hapless Muslims in Hindu-majority villages. Close to one hundred thousand Muslims fled from dozens of such villages. At least a dozen villages like Phugana, Lasadh, Kutba, Kutbi, Batavdi, etc witnessed murder, burning of Muslims alive, burning their homes, raping women and kidnapping girls etc. Muslims of these villages were the first to flee their homes since 7 September. Muslims in many other villages fled out of fear lest they too become victims of these crimes. A majority of these people took refuge in Muslim majority villages and adjoining areas include forest lands where thousands of tents are pitched even today. Some people who had fled only out of fear have now returned to their villages, while others have either rented accommodation elsewhere, especially in towns, or have gone to live with their relatives in other villages.

Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims

The Mushawarat delegation found that the earlier enthusiasm of Muslims of the area and outside has now died down, that tens of thousands of these refugees are braving creeping cold weather in tents mostly made of plastic sheets with little hygienic activities and their food stocks have almost dried. These people are in dire need of ration and heavy blankets to brave the cold weather. Some children have started going to nearby madrasas while thousands of uprooted children are wandering around because no school in the area is willing to admit them in the middle of the school year.

The delegation found out that government supplies hardly reached these camps. Some intermittent supplies of atta and milk etc came from time to time but at present such even such irregular supplies have totally stopped.  Authorities at first tried to forcibly send these refugees back to their villages but most refused to go back. Now the authorities want to open three big camps and to close the dozens of smaller camps found in the districts of Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, Baghpat and even at Loni on the outskirts of Delhi. People are resisting these moves and are planning to settle down near the camps or in Muslim majority villages.

Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims

Some organisations and people have started planning to buy land and settle such people there so that they are not harassed by the police or by forest and district authorities.  

The delegation found that the Rs five lakh aid announced by the state government for each family is meant only for refugees from 12 specified villages which witnessed murders, violence, arson of homes etc and even this aid is not reaching all the uprooted families entitled to it. One objectionable aspect of this aid is that recipients have to sign an affidavit in which they forsake their right to return to their villages, which means that soon their properties and homes will be usurped by others. It also came to light that no central help has come to these hapless people although the Prime Minister visited some of these camps in mid-September itself.

The delegation found that though some madrasas and local people have rendered a yeoman’s service to help these hapless people in their hour of distress, some local sharks too have started exploiting the situation and are diverting aid coming from outside and selling the same in the market.

While appealing to the people to continue to help these hapless people, Mushawarat requests all donors to physically come to the camps and distribute the aid personally to the deserving recipients instead of sending it or delivering it to managers of camps.

The camp people require ration including dried milk, heavy blankets (razaees with mattresses) and water-proof tents. The camps also need medical help in the form of doctors and medicines.

Concerned donors should come forward to buy land for these refugees who are camping on private or forest land which they will have to vacate soon. Forest department has filed FIRs against them but there is no physical attempt until now to uproot the camps on forest land.

Mushawarat and Charity Alliance, the organisation run by Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, may be contacted by people willing to buy and donate land to settle these uprooted people. Both organisations are continuing relief efforts. Mushawarat has just ordered 300 blanket and mattress sets which will be ready for dsitribution after a week while Charity Alliance has agreed to buy some land and offer the same to the poorest among the uprooted people.

For more pictures click here.
You may visit Charity Alliance website to donate. The cost of around 100 sq. yard land (suitable for one family) is approximately Rs. 100,000. One set of blanket-mattress (razaee-gaddaee) costs Rs 850 while a waterproof tent will cost Rs 5000.




12.Sep.2013 - Urgent Appeal for Muzaffarnagar Riot Victims. Report is here. To donate click here.



8.Aug.2013 - Food packets Distributed in Murshidabad (West Bengal). To donate click here.


Zakat India Appeal 2013 Online    PDF Version of Zakat India Appeal 2013 Online







27.June.2013 - Help the victims of Uttarakhand : Rs 50000 sent to the Prime Minister’s National relief fund. To donate click here.

22.June.2013 - Help the victims of Uttarakhand : A great tragedy has occurred in the flood- and cloudburst-hit Uttarakhand over the past few days. As of Saturday evening 560 bodies have been recovered but the state’s Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna said the final death toll could be in thousands as many bodies are feared buried under the debris. About 34,000 stranded people have been evacuated till now while about 60,000 persons are still stranded in parts of the hilly state where infrastructure including roads has been washed off. The only to reach and rescue the stranded people is by helicopter and planes. More rains are expected from Monday which means the misery will continue and evacuation operations will be hampered. It is estimated that rescue operations will continued for the next two weeks. Thousands are still not accounted for. Urgent relief is required to those stranded as well as to the natives of those areas and to rebuild life and infrastructure there.
Charity Alliance too is part of this effort and it will offer all possible help. We appeal to you to urgently donate whatever is possible to help our brothers and sisters in their hour of need and to boost the government’s efforts to rebuild the devastated areas. Whatever help comes, will be offered to the Prime Minister’s relief fund as direct relief work is not possible for ordinary persons in the present circumstances where roads have been washed off. According to the state CM, normal life will not be possible in the area for a long time to come.
To donate click here.

25.May.2013 - Following the fire in two villages in Murshidabad as reported here, we were only able to distribute corrugated sheets to 10 more families, making it a total of 50 out of the 214 fire affected families in the two villages. There are more families which need help. To donate click here.

23.Apr.2013 - Following the fire in two villages in Murshidabad as reported here, we were only able to distribute corrugated sheets to 40 families out of the 214 fire affected families in the two villages. There are a minimum of 85 more families which need urgent help. To donate click here.



8.Apr.2013 - Two Murshidabad villages gutted, 214 families homeless, need your urgent help
Read complete story here. To donate click here.

27.Mar.2013 - Second Hand Books and Computers Needed
We are looking for desktop computers (old/second hand) and general children books for Alliance School, Murshidabad (West Bengal). Books may be in English/Urdu/Hindi/Bengali Let us know if anyone will like to donate their desktop/books. Email us at


28.Feb.2013 - This year 50 students from our school have made it to the merit list of Minorities Development and Finance Corporation, Government of West Bengal. They all will receive Rs 1000 each. Alhamdulillah! We congratulate the teachers and students at Alliance School, Murshidabad. Keep it up!

29.Jan.2013 - Vocational Training Centre (Murshidabad, West Bengal) 5th Batch's successful trainees felicitated

29.Jan.2013 - Alliance School (Murshidabad, West Bengal) Annual Day - Top Rankers awarded

Top Rankers @ Alliance School Murshidabad in the Academic Session 2012
Class/Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
L.K.G. Sakibul Hasan Biswas Abdur Rahaman Mozahidul Islam & Nishat Tasnim
K.G. Mehebub Alam Biswas Toufik Reja Ahmed Sayeda Rounup Jaha
Class–I Sania Rahaman Tattin Nasrin Masdur Rahaman
Class–II Rousanara Khatun Labiba Ismatara Samina Khatun
Class–III Rajia Khatun Sadika Farhana Majharul Abedin
Class–IV Nur Alam Md.Sahajamal Sarkar Samina Sultana
Class–V Farjana Khatun Tuhina Sultana Jahid Hasan
Class–VI Sadidul Islam Deloyer Rahaman Afroj Aktar Sahin

11.Oct.2012 - Alliance School (Murshidabad, West Bengal)

This is to inform you that the next session of Alliance School (Murshidabad, West Bengal) will start in January 2013. We have to arrange the following things from the beginning of the coming session. Hence we would like to bring to your notice:
(i) Addition of four class rooms (bamboo with corrugated sheets). 
(ii) 30 Bench/Desk.
(iii) 10 wooden chair.
(iv) 8 Ceiling Fans.
(v) 6 Black boards

We need around Rs 2 lakhs for this.
We earnestly request you to contribute to the school.

God willing from January 2013 the student strength will be 420 with nearly 100 students studying free.

Qurbani 2012 - Worship & Welfare - Order Online - India




29.Jan.2013 - Vocational Training Centre (Murshidabad, West Bengal) 5th Batch's successful trainees felicitated

29.Jan.2013 - Alliance School (Murshidabad, West Bengal) Annual Day - Top Rankers awarded


Qurbani 2012 - Worship & Welfare



Urgent Appeal — Help Assamese Muslims

29 July 2012: For over a week Assam Muslims in four districts of Assam, especially Kokrajhar, are being systematically attacked, killed and displaced in a meticulous ethnic cleansing operation  which the authorities are aiding and abetting by default. Over 40 persons have been killed and nearly 300,000 have been displaced. Hundreds of villages have been brunt down.  They are now living in dozens of makeshift refugee camps. It is feared that without urgent action, these camps will become their permanent abode as happened with the similar victims of 1994 violence.  The victims need urgent help. Your contribution will go a long way to offer them solace at this time of great need. Contribute generously. Click here to donate:


Current focus

Murshidabad Relief

- Murshidabad Food relief
- Murshidabad Education relief
- Murshidabad Medical relief
- Alliance School
- Vocational Training (Tailoring, Zari and Embroidery)

Qurbani 2010 - Worship & Welfare

Charity Alliance and Zakat Foundation of India distributed food packets distributed to 86 beneficiaries in Murshidabad on 25 Aug. 2010. They belong to villages affected by hunger near Jalangi town, Murshidabad district, West Bengal.

Pictures are below on our Facebook page:

Zakat Sadaqah bank interest india


Media Coverage

:: The Statesman (Kolkata) reports on our Alliance School Project  5 Sep 2009   [Media Coverage]

4th May 2009: Charity Alliance starts "Alliance School" in Murshidabad (West Bengal) Press Coverage

:: Charity Alliance sets an example

:: Charity Alliance rekindling hope among the hopeless in Murshidabad

MG 254 (16-31 August 2010)
Charity Alliance work in Murshidabad (Nadim Ahmad) Page 7

MG 230 (16-31 August 2009)
A Milestone for Charity Alliance (Nadim Ahmad) Page 17

MG 221 (1-15 Apr. 2009)
Charity Alliance to start school at Murshidabad 11(Zafarul-Islam Khan) Page 11

MG 198 (16-30 April 2008)
Charity Alliance sponsors education of girl students Page 11

MG 189 (1-15 December 2007)
Charity Alliance sets an example (Zafarul-Islam Khan & Nadim Ahmad) Page 1

MG 161 (1-15 October 2006)
Community Service: Charity Alliance Report for 2005-06 (Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan) Page 12



Charity Alliance and Zakat Foundation of India distributed food packets distributed to 86 beneficiaries in Murshidabad on 25 Aug. 2010. They belong to villages affected by hunger near Jalangi town, Murshidabad district, West Bengal.

Pictures are below on our Facebook page:

Zakat Sadaqah bank interest india




:: Quds and Palestine Appeal (Updated 20 Aug 2006)



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