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Updated 13 July 2005

Murshidabad Relief Work

Medical Assistance 

List of persons in the starvation affected area of Jalangi, Murshidabad district (West Bengal, India), whose medical expenses were borne by Charity Alliance (until 5 July 2005).




Majeda Bewa
w/o MA Jalil, Farazipar

Stomach pain, X-Ray

Mondal Clinic, Farazipara

Jakir Shekh s/o Jamir shekh, Ghoshpara


New Life Line Nursing Home, Sadikhandire.

Paran Mondal, Ghoshpara

Stomach pain

Hossan Homeo Hall, Katabari

Surjan Bewa, Ghoshpara


Dr. K Rahman , Ghoshpara

Jabdul Islam s/o Sunnat Bewa, Paraspur

Minor illness


Mumtaz shekh s/o Ismail Shekh, Biswaspara


Sadikhandear Hospital, Sadikhandear

Nukchad Mondal s/o Lalchand Mondal, Ghoshpara


Dr. A Ghosh, Sadikhandear

Abdul Kalam, Ghoshpara

Stomach pain

Sadikhandear Hospital, Sadikhandear

Lovely Khatun w/o Jhumur, Gauripur


Dr. Digen, Ghoshpara

Janera Bewa, Schoolpara

Sceptic toe

Dr. Radha Das, Jalangi Bazar, Jalangi.

Sufia Bewa, Paraspur

Diagnostic & X Ray

Dr.Nurabul Islam, Domkal

Majeda Bibi, Paruspur


Medicine Paruspur.

Afijan Bewa, Paraspur

Chest Pain

Dr. A. Ghosh, Sadikhandear Hospital.

Khadijan Bewa,Taltoli


Dr. A.K. Azad, Berhampore.

Surjaya Bewa, Paraspur


Dr. A. Ghosh, Sadikhandear Hospital.

Achaman Bewa, Raipara.


Dr. Ahachand, Raipara.

Majida Bibi, Ghoshpara

Pain R/F

Dr. A.K. Azad, Berhampore.

Janmohammad, Biswaspara


Dr. Panjatan, Jalangi

Abdul Kalam, Ghoshpara South

Acid peptic disorder

Sadikhandear Hospital.

Jabdul s/o ---- Paraspur

Abdomen Weakness


Meharnigar Bibi, Farazipara

Abdomen Pain

Dr. Obaidur Rahman Berhampore.

Hazrat Shekh, Jalangi


Dr. A Haldar, Jalangi

Rejaul Hoq, Farazipara.

Neuro-operation & Plastic Surgery

PG Hospital, Kolkata

Afejuddin, Taltoli

Eye problem


Amrul Shekh

Abdomen pain

Dr. R Chandra Das, Jalangi

Khadeja Bewa, Taltolli

Abdomen pain

Dr. A K Ghosh, Jalangi

Akchhad Mondal, Paraspur

Uro problem


Sahidul Mullah, Biswaspara


Bell View Nursing Home, Domkal

Jabdul, Parspur


Dr. Jihilik


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