Charity Alliance is a registered trust and does relief and welfare work in India

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Website linking licence

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You may establish a hypertext link to any part of Charity Alliance website, so long as the link does not state or imply your sponsorship of Charity Alliance site or any endorsement or affiliation of your site by Charity Alliance.

By linking to Charity Alliance website you are accepting the terms of this licence from Charity Alliance. You will not :

  • Publish information on your website which may bring or be likely to bring Charity Alliance’s name, logo or reputation into disrepute; 

  • In any way suggest that Charity Alliance is endorsing any products or services other than its own;

  • Misrepresent the relationship between you and Charity Alliance nor present any other false information about Charity Alliance;

  • Use any of Charity Alliance’s material without express written permission from Charity Alliance;

  • alter, block or otherwise prevent display of any content of the Website;

  • Link to Charity Alliance’s website if your website may reasonably be considered to be obscene, defamatory, harassing, offensive or malicious;

  • Display or contain any pornographic material, sites with links to phonographic sites, encourage illegal activities, encourage illegal activity or racism, provide instructions or discussions about performing illegal activities, engage in libellous or harassing activities, promote or utilise software or services designed to deliver unsolicited email and otherwise inappropriate in accordance with Charity Alliance policy from time to time notified to the Linker.

The Charity Alliance may end this licence by notice at any time and you will then immediately discontinue or disable the link.

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